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Hamster Central News

News for September 2009

We have this month calender up as well for September. Click Here for a printable version of the calender. Thank you to forum member Kati_Bear for the adorable picture!

We need more hamster pictures for the Hamster Central Calendars! please join the forum and post your hamster pictures Here!

  • Have you gotten allot out of the Hamster Central community? We can always use help paying for the bills that keep this site running. Donations would be appreciated this year, even a small amount helps. Send an email to to ask about how to contribute.

  • We are still looking for more articles for the Hamster Central Wiki! if you are interested please let us know! Collaborated effort of hamster lovers is what helps keep people up to date and knowledgeable about hamsters! Please see Q and A for information on how to submit an article.

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