The Spookiest Halloween Ever!

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by forum member Pophammy

It was Hallow’een eve and Runty the hamster was round at Peppermint’s house, preparing their trick or treat costumes.

"Do you like my tail?" giggled Runty, waggling a long red forked tail over his blue jeans, "I made it myself and I added these straps to go round my waist to keep it in place."

Peppermint sighed. Runty always liked to do things differently!

"Runty, why don’t you just glue it to your trousers like everyone else?" he asked. Runty didn’t reply, but just continued to sprinkle glitter on his T-shirt. He was going as a devil.

Peppermint was going as Dracula. He had laid out a red cape, a white shirt, an old suit and was now digging around in his dressing-up box for a pair of plastic fangs. At last he found them, and dusted his ginger face with white powder. Runty sneezed violently, causing the glitter to go all over Peppermint’s bedroom carpet.

As Runty was positioning his horns, the doorbell rang.

"That’ll be the girls!" Peppermint cried, bounding up to answer the door.

"Trick or treat!" called a ghost, a zombie and a-

"Fairy! Lucky, how can we terrorize the neighbourhood with you dressed as a fairy?" he screamed.

Lucky blushed. "You couldn’t possibly have expected me to come as a devil or a ghost or an, ugh! Zombie, could you?" she cried with a disgusted look at Rolo the zombie and Angel the ghost.

So, they set off down the road. They had knocked at 6 doors and their buckets were brimming with treats. Then, the street ended, and they came to the old, abandoned house.

"The Haunted Mansion," breathed Rolo.

"I heard that once, a hamster, little Furry, went into the Haunted Mansion, and they never saw him again," whispered Angel in a scared voice. Now normally the hams would have dismissed this as a silly tale as it was a well known rumour, but tonight, anything seemed possible…

They were exchanging spooky stories about the Mansion when suddenly Rolo cried "For goodness sake, I’ve had enough of this. Why don’t we all go inside? I dare you to. Unless you’re all scared!"

Now all young hams know you can’t refuse a dare, so Peppermint muttered, "Y Yeah, right, I’m not scared. C’mon!" He didn’t sound like it though.

The five wandered cautiously up the path. Lucky glanced nervously at the gravestones around the path. Angel was glad she was a ghost. Beneath her cloth she was as white as the sheet itself! Soon they came to the door. Rolo reached for the claw-shaped knocker, but before she touched it the door creaked open noisily.

"J-Just a little wind." she stuttered, "Nothing to be afraid of!" The gang tip-toed into the Mansion. Cobwebs hung from the ceiling and ancient dust coated every surface. Suddenly the door slammed shut behind them.

"The door!" screeched Lucky, rushing to it.

"It’s locked!" moaned Runty, rushing to help her, "Only one thing to do now. Go on."

So, the five crept cautiously on.

"I d-don’t like it here. N-no, I don’t." muttered Angel, as she stumbled up a dusty marble staircase.

As they came to the top, a gust of icy wind rushed towards them. All the doors blew open and the moth-eaten curtains flapped as if they had minds of their own.

When suddenly, a blood curdling moaning began echoing around the Mansion. And Lucky screamed. The scream with the moan was so spine-chilling that all five (even the ‘I’m not scared of anything’ Rolo) ran for their lives, straight into the room the moaning was coming from!

And there they saw it. A ghostly hamster, with long white fur that had an eerie glow in the moonlight. His red eyes seemed to burn right through them.

"It’s the ghost of little Furry!" screamed the hams.

The, the ghost broke into fits of cackling laughter. It was unlike anything they had ever heard before, with a strange accent.

Lucky was away first. She ran, faster than she had ever run before. The others were soon after her.

"Wait! Come back here!" cried the ghost in the strange tongue, racing after them.

But they wouldn’t stop. They kept going, until, suddenly, they came to a dead end.

"Oh no! Now the ghost will get us!" moaned Runty.

They cowered in the corner, waiting for the attack, when suddenly, a friendly-looking red-eyed white hamster in a fluffy dressing gown rounded the corner, a look of pure horror on his face.

"I’m so sorry!" he gasped, "Did you think I was a ghost?"

‘Now I see,’ though Peppermint, ‘that’s an Irish accent!'

"Hi, I’m Murfy," the ham introduced himself, "I just moved here."

"B-But, if you’re not a ghost, them why were you cackling and moaning?" asked Angel, confused.

"Oh! I was moaning because I was just getting out of the bath and it had been a bit too hot and I was laughing because, well, if you’d seen the look on your faces!" Murfy chuckled at the thought!

"Well, you sure gave us a fright!" laughed Peppermint, "This was the best Hallow’een ever!"


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