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Old 05-04-2016, 01:59 PM   #1
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Default Taming

Yesterday i got my second hamster. Hes only about 4 weeks old and absolutely stunning. I had a second cage and enough money to get him. Ive tamed hamsters before. But i want to know where i should start with a healthy bond. Im not planning on holding him til tomarrow.
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Default Re: Taming

Congratulations on your new hamster. Does he have a name?

I would leave your new hamster at least a week before you start handling, just so he has enough time to settle in and this helps to reduce stress.

You could do the tissue trick which involves using a White unscented tissue and placing up your sleeve for example and placing this inside your hamsters cage so he can get used to your scent.

I normally start talking quietly and softly to my new hamsters around day 4 or 5 so they get used to my voice and also try to start feeding them a treat (small amount fresh veg works well) as they begin to associate you with good things. I also find that taming works best using a playpen (or a bathtub can be used).

I find this is the best way to have a good bond with my hamsters.
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Default Re: Taming

thanks. The play i have gotten him from said no Veggies or fruit til 6 months of age. I thought that was kinda strange cause my other syrian hamster bullet it 4 months and loves fresh stuff... :/ His names Grim
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