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Default Scared my hamster. How can I build trust again?


I've had my hamster for about 1 1/2 months now and I've slowly been building trust with her, she's gotten used to eating out of the palm of my hand and sniffing my hand when it's in. She still tries to bite every now and then. Anyway I was doing play pen bonding with her (we don't have a bathrub) and as she was being carried (I carry her in a ball with the lid off) she usually doesn't flinch but as I was placing her in the play pen, she suddenly jumped so I had to catch her, as I caught her she launched off my hand and landed on the floor.
She doesn't seem hurt as she's running around and sniffing and coming in and out of her bed, but when I put my hand in now or talk to her gently she runs away.

What can I do to build the trust again?
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Default Re: Scared my hamster. How can I build trust again?

I think a similar situation happens to every hamster owner, at least once.
The only thing to do is give it time, but your hard bonding work wasn't for nothing. After she gets over it, you'll pick up right where you left off and I doubt it'll take too long to build up to the trust you had.
The longest its ever taken one of my hamsters to trust me again after a scare (I needed to cut his nails and he did NOT appreciate it lol) was about 3 days. I thought I would have to build his trust all over again but after those 3 days it was like nothing happened.
give her space for a day or 2 and see if she's ready. She probably will be and you'll be able to continue bonding right where you left off.
good luck!
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