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Default new hamster! any advice to make her more comfortable?

hi!! i picked up my hamster brioche on the 23rd of december.

on her first day she was very active and was only skittish for the first 10 minutes. ever since then she has become increasingly skittish and i'm unsure why.

she is in an ikea detolf with tons of enrichment and a large wheel, i scatterfeed her getzoo mix as well as herbs once a week. she has many chews which i haven't noticed she has used. she loves burrowing around and using her wheel.

she is okay with me being near the enclosure, although she has been more on alert the last 2 days. my mum keeps lurking around the enclosure although i tell her not to, and this morning (26th) i caught her sneaking into my room and shining her flashlight into brioche's enclosure.

the first time i attempted to give brioche a treat she came up to it, sniffed it, but didn't take it. the second time she didn't approach at all, running back into her burrow.

i'm very much aware that every hamster is different and she's still settling in, i am more so wondering how to make her feel more safe? she's in my bedroom, my house can be a bit loud because my house is small and barely sound proofed. i have manually dimmed a lamp so she doesn't get blinded whenever i do turn the light on.

i've yet put her in a playpen as i don't want to force interaction.

for a bit of background information about her, i got her from a breeder that has handled her since she was an appropriate age. the breeder said she may be a bit more skittish, as her father was the same (that's fine!). she has always been okay with handling with no attempts to nip or bite.

this is her enclosure:
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