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Default haster weight

hello everyone,

I just weighed sherbet.
I was wondering what weight Syrian hamsters are meant to be because sherbet is 179g and I want to know if that is normal.
(he is quite large so it is probably more than standard)
Am I feeding him to much?
If so is there any hamster friendly diets I can put him on?


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Default Re: haster weight

Syrian hamster weights can vary between individuals so it hard to compare with other as there is no perfect/ideal weight. Their weight also depends upon their natural body size - for example pet shop Syrians tend to be smaller than Pedigree Syrians - therefore pedigree Syrians will weigh more (some often in the 200g weight range)
Hamster don’t usually get overweight if on a good food mix.

My previous hamster who was also called Sherbet she was quite a small Syrian weighing only 150g where my current Syrian Pumpkin weighs 188g. And my past hamster Cookie was around 200g.

How old is your Sherbet? As depending upon age will determine whether he might even still have some growing to do or if he has reached his ideal weight for his body size. As long as he doesn’t look overweight then I wouldn’t worry.
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Default Re: haster weight

thanks for the advise
My sherbet was one on November the 28th
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Default Re: haster weight

It sounds like a good weight Not too big, not too small, just fine. They do vary in size as SKB says. Our last Syrian was 225g. I went back to the pet shop and asked if they were sure he was a hamster - lol. We used to joke his Dad must have been a guinea pig. Some are much smaller. They can be anything from about 125g to 250g . But 179g sounds just nice. A nice large hamster but not massive.
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