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Old 10-17-2021, 11:41 AM   #1
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Talking Redeeming ratties

Hi All,

Elusive long term moderator here!

Many of you know I keep ratties, almost as long as hammies now, since 2010!

As I am useless at uploading, ill just leave a link to my instagram page (feel free to follow) for cute photos!

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Last year I lost far too many, far too soon and in horrible ways (such as tumours, pnuemonia etc). My group was reduced to 3 and with all the covid happenings I was in a really bad place mentally thinking it was time to take a break from rats as the heartache was just too much.

Many breeders had their plans messed up with covid also, so actually sourcing good quality rats was also hard.

After having to say goodbye to a heart boy in March, I decided I would let the others just live out their lives and pass... until one night browsing petsforhomes changed everthing.

I found two [email protected] boys listed, owner too busy etc They wanted money for they but I sent a message showing my set up, my credentials but refusing to pay. They declined and we went our ways. They soon came back to me though and before I knew it, I had two rats left on my doorstep in a box!

Sadly, I had to have one pts after just 5 days. He clearly had a heart condition (the problem of first time owners not researching before getting rats) and declined rapidly. I was left with a bolshy boy who I thought I wouldn't like. Turns out, he was just a bit unsocialised and soon my small group of 4 accepted him

He adored any attention from me. Loving being stroked, kissed, smooshed up. Always at the door, closing his eyes as I stroked him. He soon became my cuddle buddy and has such a human soul. He reminded me how close a relationship you can have with some rats and I bonded with him really closely.

Here is a little video

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Soon after however, I lost another boy too soon taking my group to just 4. I was offered two kits from a breeder over the summer and although I hoped to "top up" a little later, thought it wise to not throw away the opportunity.

One of the new boys however has been the naughtiest, most exhausting rat ive ever had! He is constantly jumping on the floor (a no go rule in my house) and running off, he even got out onto the patio and gave me the WORST scare! He is fearless and just launches himself onto the bookshelf, my head..constantly running around, he just won't be caged! As much as I love him, the energy of just trying to keep tabs on him did bring my mood down a tad but it was nice to have a group of 6.

Just a month after having the new breeder kits I was naughty browsing petsforhomes again and saw two boys just 5 minutes walk away. I impulsively messaged and got on really well with the girl. She was clearly very nervous of them and again, next day she brought them round. They were so beautiful but very tiny and although I have asked many times, she insists they are 10 months. They are smaller than my 4 month olds!

These two have totally rekindled my love for rats. I treated them like kittens. They were very very skittish, fast and nipped. Ive been working with them every day, and watching them learn to trust me and bonding with them has not only reminded me how much I love having rats in my life, but reassured me that actually I am a really good owner and should be confident in my experience and methods. My methods of taming them have worked and this week I started intros with my others. They have accepted them straight away and their confidence has been boosted that I can now fully pick up, raspberry belly and smoosh them both. I sent the girl a video and she was amazed how quickly I'd tamed them and so happy they have found a mischief.

I let all 8 free range on the sofa last night and seeing so many rats was a bit overwheming but having them all run up to me, play with me, kiss has been the huge mental health boost I needed.

I've been in a bit of a low place for a while and im still out of work due to covid but these rats have honestly kept me going. Im putting them in my big cage later and hope they all remain to get along.

I hope I am out of my bad run of unlucky health issues and I can enjoy my group, in all my years ive wanted a group of 8 and now I finally have it with all my little Greek gods..

Kairos (rescue from RSPCA), Theseus & Pelias (breeder boys), Ody(sseus) the heart boy from pets4homes, illiad & Ares (breeder boys), Atlas & Jupiter (pets4home boys)

Feel free to ask any ratty related questions
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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Old 10-18-2021, 04:42 AM   #2
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Default Re: Redeeming ratties

Aww I enjoy watching your mischief grow and their little antics. I do have a soft spot for Kairos though.
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Old 10-18-2021, 07:14 AM   #3
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Default Re: Redeeming ratties

I’m so happy this worked out for you!

You sound like a great owner, unfortunately some conditions are unavoidable and I believe they’re all at peace now. Hopefully they’ll be watching over the new ratties!

I’m glad they all have a fantastic home and are well loved, you couldn’t do much better than that.
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