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Old 01-10-2022, 06:38 PM   #21
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Default Re: New Hamster...3 days in...when and how to clean?

I don’t know :/). It’s usually 10 days to two weeks for a settling in period and after that they seem to be out and about a lot more. One thing that helps is getting them into a feeding routine. Eg putting food (and a daily piece of fresh veg) out around 6 or 7pm - with a bit of cage noise as you do it. They get to know it’s feeding time and come out for it (their raison d’etre is the bit of fresh veg. They look forward to it. You can chat a bit wheh he’s out getting his food. Suggest putting the bit of veg at the other end of the cage! Away from the house - I put it in a separate little dish. They know where to go for it after the first couple of times. That’ll tempt him out to use the cage more. But he’s probably still a bit shy and setting up home!

I would think he’s coming out at night to use his wheel? If he’s a bit reclusive after another week then you could coax him out into a tube snd get him out for a taming session. Eg do this around the time you put the food out - so he’s awake. He’ll get used to waking around 6 or 7 for the food. Easiest way is put a tube in front of the house door with a smelly bit of food at the far end (eg cheese or cucumber) - he should smell it snd walk into the tube. Then you can lift the tube out (put your hands over both ends) and either put it down in something next to the cage (eg a large box) or you can put one end into a hamster ball so he walks into that and pop the lid on. Not to use as a ball but as a way of carrying them from a to b without them Escaping. So you can take him somewhere for a taming session. I say that because it can make you jump and drop the tube of they push at your hand! They can push quite hard!

Once he’s got used to a routine of coming out every 2 or 3 days and is hand tame he’ll be less reclusive and more confident.

Right now he’s probably enjoying doing hamster things. Getting his house in order - building up a hoard etc.
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Old 01-10-2022, 06:44 PM   #22
Hamsters University
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Default Re: New Hamster...3 days in...when and how to clean?

As the nights get lighter they tend to come out earlier as well. Keeping the room an even temperature helps. They donít like the cold. In fact if the room is cold they sometimes wonít even come out to use the wheel at night. Itís still pretty cold at night at the moment. Rather than leave the hearing on I have a little oil filled radiator on a thermostat I leave on at night in winter. I know wheh the room was warm all night Iíd find ours happily chilling in his hanging Sputnik. Like he was sunbathing. But the main reason to make sure the room temperature doesnít drop too low at night is to prevent torpor (people call it hibernation but itís actually torpor and they rarely come out of it if they get too cold). Itís why they build such big nests snd pile substrate round the house. They donít like the cold!
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Old 01-14-2022, 01:33 AM   #23
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Default Re: New Hamster...3 days in...when and how to clean?

So, come Monday, Hoover will have been in his enclosure for 2 weeks.

We've pretty much left him too it aside feeding from our hands through the bars and once from our hands inside the cage too.

A development yesterday/today...don't know if to be bothered or not...he's clearly excavated under the shelf the wheel sits on, and when he disappeared for the day today, instead of seeing him head back into the Rodipet Maze House, we saw him head down a hole that led under that shelf, and then he filled the hole in behind him...he'd also clearly been ferreting food down there too.

Does this suggest he's moved house and decided to setup underground, or just created an alternate food stash? We've been trying not to look in the Rodipet House to avoid spooking him early on, but if he has setup a burrow down there to live in, and starts pottying down there, it will be next to impossible to clean without destroying it each time.

I think tomorrow we'll try and get him out and while he's out the cage we'll have a look in the Rodipet house for signs of life/toileting (fingers crossed). There's not been any pungent odours suggested we have done not a lot except keep food and water topped up, and hand feed when we can.

Re the wheel that we had questions about...he's started using it and seems fine doing so. It's totally silent, spins well and easily, and he runs straight in it when doing so.

As always would be delighted with any feedback on what we're doing right and wrong and any thoughts from those more experienced.

He seems generally happy in his signs of bar chewing...he clearly loved digging and burrowing, and the enclosure is affording him that chance for sure.
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