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Default Re: Syrian hamster died one year old with bloated tummy

Originally Posted by GhostBella View Post

My mums a vet and iv just asked her about ur female straight away she said she said ur hamster probably had a closed pyometra hamsters with closed pyometra is really serious condition because the cervix is closed there is no outlet for the infection to drain from the body. Pus then accumulates inside the infected uterus, and over a short period of time the build up of infected material causes the abdomen to become swollen, and considerably distended. A closed PYOMETRA IS VERY DIFFICULT TO DIAGNOSE or detect until it is in the advanced stages of abdomen distension as there is no, or very little, noticeable discharge from the opening. However, symptoms in both cases may include loss of appetite increased drinking and urinating. Bacteria and other toxins may leak across the uterine walls and then into the bloodstream causing Sepsis: (blood poisoning) if urgent treatment is not sought. This can happen in both cases of a closed or an open pyometra. Once this occurs other organs such as the liver may not be able to cope in filtering out the toxins. Toxins then accumulate in the blood and eventually the brain. Signs of a build-up of toxins in the blood may include neglect of appearance, unresponsiveness, irritability, a refusal to eat and drink loss of balance, stumbling, shaking, coma and eventually death. Or the uterus may eventually rupture and the infection escapes into the abdomen causing peritonitis.
Advances have been made in treating hamsters with pyometra, see your vet if any of these symptoms become apparent. The only option in many cases may be the surgical removal of the uterus, this will remove the infection and prevent uterine rupture, and of course any recurrence of the disease.
I believe Pyometra was mentioned as a possibility when Lilaferm's hamster became ill but things happened very quickly before getting to the vet's. But her hamster has gone to the rainbow bridge now and whatever the cause it's probably best not to try and diagnose now as it's all very sad x
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Default Re: Syrian hamster died one year old with bloated tummy

I'm so sorry you lot your little one.

UNfortunately, dealth is uncomfortable for any species and just part of life. I have had many little ones pass in my hands and it takes great inner strength to remain with them as they are making their journey to the bridge.

The fitting you describe is quite common and just the body starting to shut down. I know how distressing it is to watch and im sure many other members do also.

Please try to not keep going over their passing but instead focus on the wonderful times you had together and the joy and smiles,

Play well little one xxxx
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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