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Old 03-08-2020, 11:34 AM   #1
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Default Leopard Geckos

Hi guys,

I've wanted a leopard gecko for years now and have finally decided that now is the right time. I'm in touch with a rescue who know I'm a complete novice so are happy to give guidance etc and I will be having a little Leo from them in the next month or 2. They are providing an enclosure (I was going to buy a new set up but they have on that they offered and I figured it would be nicer to also give some money back into the rescue whilst ensuring new little one will have everything they need). But I wondered if anyone here had any tips or advice they think I should know? Or any forum recommendations?

I know from the hammies how much conflicting (and often wrong) advice there is out there and I know how difficult it can be sorting the good advice from the bad so thought I'd ask some of you lovely people too
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Old 03-09-2020, 02:54 PM   #2
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Default Re: Leopard Geckos

Here are some gecko forums;
Geckos Unlimited
Gecko Talk
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Default Re: Leopard Geckos

A lot of advice you will find on Leos is heavily outdated. Major care improvements have been made over the last 2 years; such as viewing the provision of UVB necessary by anyone who wants their animals to truly thrive, overhead heating to be used in conjunction with slate instead of heat mats, and the use of loose substrates (impaction is primarily caused by improper husbandry) - leos dig, and they need loose substrate to be able to do so.

I have a 11 month old Afghan Tangerine male in a bioactive viv. My best advice is to ignore large youtube channels; most of them are outdated. Leopard Gecko Talk and JTB reptiles are awesome; and for some really great podcasts for reptile husbandry in general, Animals At Home is great.

The only forum for reptiles I will recommend is Reptile Forums UK. They really know their stuff, and they keep up to date with most recent husbandry advice; unlike many other forums, who are stuck 20 years in the past. The Bioactive Leopard Gecko is a nice facebook group too, for when/if you want to go bioactive. Arcadia Reptile have a great interactive lighting guide to help you choose the appropriate UVB bulb for your enclosure size, and they also have a simple dusting schedule - both of these topics are frequently the most daunting to new owners, but they really break things down simply.

If you have any questions relating to their care (be it enclosure size, heating, lighting, substrate, supplements, and whatever else have you), I don't mind offering advice either for any specific questions you may have, even if it's just about what I do for my guy to give you a general idea. I've had my leo since he was 6 weeks, and in a fully bioactive enclosure since he was 8-ish weeks - and although he's my first, I'm very confident in my care.
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