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Old 05-22-2016, 08:45 AM   #1
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Default Will my mice get depressed?

So on Thursday my trio of female mice became a pair when sadly the dominant mouse passed away. I've read online that mice grieve and get depressed when a cagemate dies. Will they get depressed and will they fight to work out who the dominant mouse is?
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Default Re: Will my mice get depressed?

I'm afraid I don't know much about mice. I think Racing Hamster knows about them. There might be something on this site that has more information

Fancy Mouse Information

I expect they will notice the change, but there are still two to keep each other company and they have you as well.
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Default Re: Will my mice get depressed?

Hi, I have mice They might notice but really wouldn't get depressed if there are two left.
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Old 05-27-2016, 03:40 AM   #4
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Default Re: Will my mice get depressed?

Hiya. Female mice are easier than males because they do enjoy company of the same gender, so as long as you have a pair, they will be fine and just carry on regardless. This is the time though to think about their future and if one of your other females was to pass on and you were left with a single female, she may like to have two youngsters to play with, but even so, any new females you bring in would need to be kept in their own cage for now or you could do slow introductions by using a small tank or carrier.

It doesn`t always go smoothly first time so it`s really important to be prepared and have the time to sit with them and monitor their initial behaviours.

One thing that worked wonders for me when I kept mice, was to set up a smaller barred cage for any new girls to live in and sit it about an inch away from my larger barred cage where my existing mouse/mice lived. The mice would then smell and see one another through the bars and try to interact through the bars, just by sniffing and watching one another. One of my larger show mice would always race up the ramp when she knew Maisy was out and they knew one another was there, but that`s all it takes for them to acknowledge each other. This allows the mice to relax and `get to know` the other females without invading their space. I feel it`s a nice way to let them get to know the other mice until proper introductions can be done. It worked really well for me. On the morning one of my older females passed on, I got Betsy out of her cage and also Maisy, who was `next door` and I didn`t even hear a squeak coming from them as they were already acquainted just by having that small contact from their cages being side by side.

Hope this helps. Sorry to hear of your loss and your two remaining girls are doing fine. x
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