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Default New hampster owner

Hey guys I recently got a norwegian dwarf hamster...his name is Loki (Hambone ��) thing is I got him from my roomate and tbh there is no telling how things went in there but now I've had him for about 2-3 weeks i built him a new cage he loves it has multiple hidden holes runs on his wheel at ungodly hrs (hes in my room with me right next to my bed because I'm not a noisy person and my room tends to stay quiet)

Everything is good...I think...he is chill seems to sleep all day occasionally will come out to play for a little then go back to bed. Where i begin to wonder though is i can put my hand in his cage with him he'll sniff climb into my hand run up my arms and whatnot I can pet him while he eats ill even pet him as he falls asleep no problems never been bit...but the moment he's elevated and I start moving with him (I keep my hand up against me so he doesn't fall off) he starts acting scared he paces my hand looking everywhere trys to look for ways off ill put him in my lap and he won't stay he runs I wouldn't say away from me but away from me if u know what mean.

I can go up to him and he will climb right back into my hand. He ls eaten from my hand many times even fell asleep a few grooms in my hand hes even occasionally gave me his food so ik he likes me..sorta?... cause he will nap on my bed next to me( I have it set up to where he can come out of his playpen/cage climb up a few pillows ill put down and roam the bed)he also comes when "called" especiallyif he sees basically im trying to figure out whats going on its like he trust me sometimes and not others but I never do anything that ik of to give him a reason not to I love my little hambone and I really want him to love me too he is my lil emotional support hammy I'm a marine vet with ptsd and anxiety and depression...could any of these be the reason?

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Ria P
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Default Re: New hampster owner

Hello and welcome to HC!

I think that your hamster is very comfortable with you and trust you.

If he's uncomfortable getting lifted out of his cage while on your hands you could try a "hamster taxi" meaning that you could let him walk into a jug and then lift him out. Maybe he needs something solid under his paws while in transit.

None of our hamsters will sit on my hands or lap but want to get off to explore, even the one who is very tame and at ease around his humans. I've only ever had one hamster who actually sat on my hand without immediately trying to get off.

I don't think its something you need to worry about. Sometimes we need to accept our hamsters for who they are and put our own expectations aside.
Loki sounds happy to be with you and he's your loyal little companion.
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