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Unhappy Stressed during playtime

I am new to this forum. I have a hamster called Artemis who I have had for 9 days, picture attached. Thank you for all the info in this forum, it has really helped me with making sure she has a suitable cage and environment for her.

Artemis seems really happy in her cage she has lots of toys and hideouts. I have seen on this forum and others as well as some of the youtube hamster care videos that balls are bad so I have not been using one, I have tried putting her in a box with some of her toys from her cage in for familiarity. I have done this four times but I think I am going to stop now. Each time she seems to get more and more stressed, she gets on each toy/hideout in turn and jumps from them over and over. She started off eating treats from my hand but now she just nips my hand getting increasingly hard, sometimes she takes a treat and then nips my hand. Also when I put her back in her cage the last time she climbed the bars near me, I am pretty sure she was trying to get me to go away, it is the only time I have seen her climb the bars since the first day I brought her home, this is a sign of stress right?

I feel confused now about how to interact with her. I have had one hamster in the past and I would put her in her ball and then to come out she would have to come on my hand and I would put her directly back into her cage, this built up her confidence with me. This was ofcourse before I heard of the issues with balls. I have heard about bath bonding but I don't have a bath.

With Artemis, since I have used the box, even when she is in the cage she may accept a treat but then will still try to nip me. Sometimes she chases my hands around in the cage to do so. I have heard that winter whites and hybrids are prone to cage aggression, but this only makes the situation worse! I don't want to cause her stress, I am pretty sure this is is coming from a place of stress.
I wonder if maybe I should back peddle a bit and just focus on getting her used to my hand in the cage so she doesn't feel so stressed about it. I should just move things around when she is awake? Also this makes it really difficult to spot clean!
Any advice would be really appreciated
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