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hearts dwarf hams
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Default Been a while...

... 4 years maybe?! Since I've had a hamster that is.

I wondered if anyone could, in a nutshell, update me on the latest and best practice for keeping a hybrid?

Thank you����

Editing to add:

- housing
- substrate
- diet
- any other pearls of wisdom

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Default Re: Been a while...

The minimum recommendation is 80x50cm but bigger is better. Zooplus is a great site for suitable cages: barney, alaska, living world eco, skyline Marrakesh, hamster heaven and Alexander. The detolf hack from Ikea is good, other options are the zoozone 2 or ferplast maxi duna multy.

As dwarfs love to burrow I would use a substrate that is great for holding tunnels such as kaytee clean and cosy or try mixing a few together. Other popular options are fitch, aubiose, softacard, megazorb, aspen or carefresh.

Diet wise annoyingly burgess stopped their dwarf mix which was really good so not sure what’s the best. I currently use natures feast (pets at home) mixed with bunny dwarf basic (zooplus).

Sand baths are probably a must have as they love to dig around, clean themselves and often toilet in there. Mealworms also tend to go down well
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latest, nutshell, practice, update, you👌🏽

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