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Default Why do they do it?

I know hybrid hamsters are unfortunately very common nowadays and it's not unusual to see them in pet shops and rescues.

But why are they bred? It costs the rodent farms no more than the hybrids to breed them and raise them so why do they continue to do it even though they know that they'd most likely have MORE customers and money if they bred pure Russians?
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Default Re: Why do they do it?

If you think about the numbers they breed even if they were to suddenly become conscientious about the problems with breeding hybrids I doubt very much they would be able to source enough pure WW or Campbell's & the start up cost of a new breeding programme with two new species would probably be very high too.
I would imagine the majority of people buying hybrids don't even realise exactly what they are & the people selling them must be making a comfortable profit with no reason (by their way of thinking!) to change anything.
I'm not sure but I imagine that hybridisation originally began out of ignorance & or accident & they have just carried on breeding with the stock they have.
I don't like to think what would happen to the hybrids if they did have a change of heart either tbh!
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