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Question Cleaning Burrows

So I was looking around Hamburger’s enclosure and noticed she’s been hoarding her food in her burrows! I know this is normal behaviour for them but I’ve noticed that there’s also poop mixed with it. She has a sand box for her to do her business in and she does use it but I guess sometimes she’s too lazy to get up Anyway, I was wondering what was the best way to clean her burrows without destroying her hard work? I don’t think I have to clean it anytime soon since she’s been with me for only 2 weeks but just wanted to know for the future.

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Default Re: Cleaning Burrows

well, in general hamsters eat their own poop and it's actually a good way in getting some more vital nutrients back into themselves [ search up hamster copropaghy ] , but occasionally it does get out of hand [ and as far as i know its probably from them just pooping on their stash -_- ]

if the rest of the enclosure and majority of bedding is clean i just keep up on spot cleaning, occasionally i will then take my hamster out and into a tiny cage/container [ with bedding and a hide so he isn't freaked out as much ], carefully check his burrows and just try to pick up the tiny poops away from any food [ usually these poops are very tiny dry ones so it is not a sensory issue for me ], take out any bad food [ fresh things they took in ] and most importantly you want to get the pee out more than anything, so yellow/discolored bedding.

eventually for any reason [ i completely cleaned out his enclosure for reasons like bedding that was too dusty or to make sure he had a clean slate when it came to his health ] or generally overtime u will have to clean out Hmaburger's burrow ! make sure to leave old but clean bedding from before you cleaned out her enclosure so it's not entirely new to her, that could make her really anxious and when i made that mistake my hamster just went crazy overnight putting all of his food into his burrow... [ sorry little guy ]

sorry since this is an old-ish post + u've probably figured it out by now, but obviously i had issues when i had him at first and so now i'd figure it'd be good to share

[ i have begineer hamster experience with my first and current Syrian, so somebody with better experience would probably be able to explain and tell u things way more better and in a more informative way ] hope this helped in any way !
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bedding, burrows, cleaning, food, hoarding

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