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Old 12-28-2022, 02:00 AM   #1
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Default Wooden cage questions

Hello, I'm new here and still only researching info about keeping a hamster. I don't have one yet.

I have come across some very beautiful pictures of wooden enclosures but I wonder...They're made of wood and you're putting a rodent in it. Won't they just chew it up in some time? Also, I wonder if it's harder to clean and if the wood will soak up pee after a while?

I've also seen quite a few glass enclosures, like aquariums or terraria. Unfortunately I live in a small studio with a really dangerous and small staircase. I could never get a huge glass enclosure up there. Hence why I'd like to go for a wooden enclosure but, like I said, I worry that the hamster will just chew through it. It would be expensive to get a new cage every so often.

Can someone explain this to me?
Sorry for my English.

Ps: I'm definitely not getting a wire cage because I worry the hamster will hurt himself when chewing on the wires. Plus, he'd also keep me up at night that way.
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Old 01-01-2023, 03:36 AM   #2
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Default Re: Wooden cage questions

Unless you have a glass cage, there is always the risk of a hamster chewing its way out. There have been hamsters that chewed their way out of the plastic bottom of some wired cages, for instance.

Unfortunately, you can't predict whether a hamster will be one that chews a lot. Most will be happy chewing on cardboard, or treats in the cage (walnuts in the shell, whimzees, and various toys that pet stores sell that are made of plant matter), but if the cage isn't big enough, or there isn't enough enrichment, they may decide that chewing on the cage itself is preferred. Males also tend to be calmer than females, so you might want to keep that in mind.

As for the wooden cage, you can spray the wooden parts with something like Plastikote to help waterproof it, but generally, if you've put a sandpit in the cage, they will start using that to go potty. Hamsters are very clean animals, after all. Having deep enough substrate should also help protect the base of the cage while the hamster is potty training.
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Default Re: Wooden cage questions

I personally never had good results when putting hamsters, or any other rodent in a wooden cage. even with a sandbox, there's no guarantee that your hamster wont pee in other areas of the cage. after numerous tryouts with different cages, i found bin cages to be the easiest and cheapest, and I highly recommend making one. the work is definitely worth it, and they're also very light so it would be easy to get it around your home.
good luck with whatever you choose!
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