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Old 04-26-2022, 02:40 AM   #71
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Default Re: Carolina Storm Wheel

Yes i have noticed that on the wheels too Ria. Also over the years the nut and bolt has changed as has the cage attachment. It used to be huge and now is quite small.
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Old 04-26-2022, 08:28 AM   #72
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Default Re: Carolina Storm Wheel

Yes I noticed that too - and the rear nut is now big plastic flower shaped thing instead of a wingnut type thing. So they've changed the bolt fixings over the years but say that haven't changed production of the wheel itself (but maybe they have! As they didn't mention changing the bolt fixings).

On your photo Ria I think I had this too and those bolts are the same but the black plastic cap is missing off one of them. I am sure I had one delivered a few years ago and found the black bit came off and underneath was a metal nut like on your photo.

Anyway with the tiny indendtation, as mentioned before, a blob of glue would fill it in - although then I'd never be able to to take the wheel apart.

What is bothering me is that feeling when you were sure about something and then someone (manufacturers) saying it's always been like that - when you were sure it hasn't! Then you start doubting your own memory and I don't like that feeling. Especially as I no longer have the earlier wheels so can't check.

So I've decided to just accept that it has changed lol. And hopefully they will do something about it now it's been mentioned.

It is probably fine - I've never heard of any hamster having any issues with the silent runner (and Hedgehogs are different with different nails!)

But honestly the inside of a running track is the important bit!

When you say a 1mm gap Luna my gaps are more like 2mm and kind of "square"

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