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Default New Hamster setup

Hi, I posted recently as I have a new rescue Hamster and was wondering whether to put her in my Alaska cage or Furat. Many thanks for the advice given. So Sybil is my fifth rescue to be homed in an Alaska cage (following housing advice from this forum). From my understanding this is a good sized cage for Syrians, and my previous four seemed happy and content and none of them ever chewed the bars. However, Sybil is very young (approx three months) and since having her (just over a week) we have kept her quiet in my Daughters room. My Daughter said she is constantly trying to chew her way out of the cage. If she’s not doing that, she is on the wheel. She is very shy too, and hides a lot if we approach the cage. I have put some enrichment in - various tunnels and a large grass hammock. Also a sand bath, which she loves. Last night I decided to try and have her out. It was surprisingly easy. I transferred her from her tunnel to a carrier and she had some time in the bath with toys, boxes etc. I got in the bath with her for five minutes,and she climbed onto my legs! My Daughter said she had a calmer night after being let out. I would like to know, one,is her cage too small,if so what cage should I get? Two, I bought her one of those burrowing boxes with the clear sides, what should I fill it with, and should it be in the cage or used when she is let out? Three, should I start getting her out every night now, or take things slower? What is the best way forward? Sybil is by far the youngest rescue I have taken on, and I want to get this right! Many thanks
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