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Question extra substrates for cages (in uk)

hey so im going to be upgrading my syrian pipsqueaks cage as rn he is in a small temporary cage and ive been picking up things to add his cage and whatnot but i was just wondering what hamster suitable extra substrates to add to his cage i could find at pets at home or jollyes, (only pet shops in my area) other than bathing sand (which i have) or coconut fiber, (which i haven't been able to find) i've seen quite a few dif types of soils and whatnot in the reptiles section but i'm not sure whats safe for hammies, thanks :)
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Default Re: extra substrates for cages (in uk)

Don't use soils - they can hold too much moisture which can lead to respiratory issues & mold growth, and the ingredients(even in reptile ones) aren't necessarily safe for hamsters if ingested.

Coconut fiber is a great option for small areas once you're able to find some. That also has to be maintained properly since if it gets too dry it'll become dusty(leading to respiratory issues) while if it gets too wet that can also cause problems - for example respiratory issues & mold growth. It definitely isn't something you want to put in a large section of the cage though, I'd go for a large baking dish at most and not very deep either!

Aubiose is a good option to try but might have to be ordered online if you can't find it in a local feed store or something similar. Some humans are allergic to it(fairly rare though) but I don't think I've ever heard of a single hamster being allergic to it. I would be very cautious with other hemp brands as not all are going to be as safe or the same quality, for example some have added citronella which isn't safe for hamsters.
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add, cage, extra, substrates, whatnot

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