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Default Re: Bar biting and cage set up

Ok if you had to change a few things in that first week, I would start the two week settling in period from now. So basically not disturb anything for next couple of weeks and just put food and water out. I would wait to add the hammock as it could make quite a bit of clanging noise attaching it with opening and closing the top door. Adding a small thing, like the hyacinth ball might not disturb too much when putting food out Also just keep talking to her gently through the bars - helps them get familiar with your scent andvoice. I wouldn't try getting her out during that two weeks unless she shows signs of wanting to come out - eg coming to the door. And then best not to put your hand in the cage to get her out just yet (invading her space) - they will usually walk into a tube (other end of the tube could go into a hamster ball eg). Or just put your hands over both ends of the tube and put it down in a nearby box eg - then you can carry her to a hamsterproof area for out of cage time. The bathtub is a popular place for taming sessions (dry bathtub with the odd toy in there to hide in).
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