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Old 02-15-2018, 02:22 PM   #1
Ghostbuster aka Ghost
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Exclamation Should i be worried?

My hamster is currently on, reduced dust, kiln dried, mixed softwood shavings.

I live in the UK. Someone has told me that if I'm in the UK the standard that the wood shavings has to be upheld to should be good and my hamster should be ok on it.

It doesn't state the specifics of each tree used in the shavings but this is a very popular shavings for horse owners who have horses with respiratory issues or sensitive horses.

This product is also designed so it can be used on small animals.

If this bedding isn't safe enough by itself would mixing it with some diy paper bedding work? Would thst make it safer?

My current little Russian hybrid loves to dig in it and make little homes and getting enough aspen to fill all three of her cages enough so she can dig in it is going to be expensive for me, and i currently dont have that much money!

Looking for good opinions (please dont be nasty)

Also if i treat fire wood with boiling water once I've cut the holes in it can i use it for my hamster to make little diy toys?
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Old 02-16-2018, 05:56 AM   #2
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Default Re: Should i be worried?

Hi there. If it's mixed softwood without saying what woood I'd be cautious, as cedar is a no no. Even if kiln dried. Most pine shavings in the Uk say kiln dried and dust extracted. You might want to look at Fitch pet bedding (also used for horses!) which is popular on here. It's sold in bulk, works out very cheap and hammies love it. It's recycled food grade paper.

The other issue with wood bedding sometimes is - some hammies are allergic to it - as some humans are! Aspen is ok - it's hardwood - although it can be quite dusty. Reptile shops usually sell it. Another popular option is hemp bedding (again used for horses too) but that can vary in quality and scratchiness. Zooplus sell it in a big bag though.

This is the Fitch - you can get either 10kg or 20kg. 20kg works out much cheaper but it is a huge bag and needs to be stored indoors. I get the 10kg bag which I find easier to store indoors (you can squish it into different shapes to fit places) and it does me about 6 months with a 100cm cage - as long as you have plenty of depth of substrate and use a litter tray, you can spot clean mainly and only need to do a substrate change maybe every 3 months.

You order it direct from the manufacturers and postage is free. You can get it on Amazon as well but it costs a bit more and comes from the same place.

This is the hemp bedding

Nests & Nesting Materials at zooplus: Hugro Hemp Bedding

Otherwise, some people do use pine kiln-dried dust extracted shavings, but check what wood it is. And there are plenty of alternatives. I really love using the Fitch.
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