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Default House

When should I start thinking about moving Sweep's bedding somewhere else, or changing his house to something less enclosed so he doesn't get too hot? I've noticed that the last couple of days have been VERY hot during the day time, even with the windows open and the curtain on Sweep's side of the room shut. But at night time it can sometimes get quite cold! So I don't want him to get cold at night if I move his bedding, but I don't want him to get too hot in the daytime either!
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Default Re: House

If he's too hot he will move his nest into a cooler place. I wouldn't remove his house. Let him choose where to sleep.
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Default Re: House

Yes it's fine - he'll be very stressed if you take away his mound of substrate and his house - if he was too hot he would come out and sit somewhere cool. Try not to worry and let him work things out for himself. It used to make me laugh when Charlie blocked his door up because he had to unblock it again to get in and out. He once started building a hoard inside the doorway then used to squeeze himself over the top of it through the tiniest gap at the top of the house door lol.

I think it's a good sign - it shows he likes the house - there is lots of room inside that long house and it has a door and window and air will naturally filter through those - it isn't like it is sealed up with clingfilm or something non breathable.

When Charlie got too hot in warm weather he used to come out of his house and sit in his little ceramic hide. If you are concerned you could put a ceramic mug on its side under the other shelf (ie somewhere it can't be fallen on from a height as ceramic is hard) then he has a cool place to go if he wants to. They are very good at sorting themselves out, and if something wasn't right he'd be chewing at the bars to get out.
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hot, house

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