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Old 04-03-2016, 05:16 PM   #1
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Default Question about savic Mickey cage

Would a 12 inch silent spinner attach to the cage? Anyone with this cage have any 8 inch or larger wheel attached to the wire? Would love to find a wheel to attach to maximize floor space. Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: Question about savic Mickey cage

I would think it would depend on the strength of the bars you were attaching it to. I used wire zip ties (liberally) for my 6inch spinner and haven't had issues testing it, but I don't know about a heavier syrian. I'm sure someone with more experience will come along soon!
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Default Re: Question about savic Mickey cage

Hi. Is that the Savic Mickey 2XL? I don't think a 12" Silent Spinner would run properly attached to the bars as the bar bit is quite low and the base curves in quite a bit - it would probably rub. It would fit in on it's stand (just) the wheel is 33cm tall on its stand and the cage is 36cm high internally.

I wouldn't get a 12" Silent Spinner anyway - they really don't run well. A 27cm (11") wodent wheel would fit in much better and you could hang it from the roof quite easily. Like this (this is the 12" Wobust wheel and it's huge! And is exactly the same size as the 12" Silent Spinner - takes up a lot of space in the cage).

The 27cm wodent wheel would hang the same but take up a lot less space as it is much less deep.

This is a pic of the 27cm Wodent wheel - it's just standing in the cage temporarily though on that photo, but you can see it fits much better

Unfortunately our hamster is huge and he needed the 12" Wobust.

This is what it looked like in the cage when the cage was empty (cage on the left)

So that's how much space a 12" Silent Spinner would take up as the dimensions are exactly the same - depth and height.

But if you mean the 12" silent runner (the orange one from exotic nutrition) - no I don't think it will fit attached to the bars - it will probably rub against the base lower down. It might just fit standing on it's stand. It is 35cm tall on it's stand and the cage is 36cm tall internally, so a bit tight there. On it's stand it would stand further forwards (again due to the slope at the base) and not be so compact. So I reckon the 27cm wodent wheel hung upside down is best for this cage. It has a flat roof with no doors so is ideal for hanging a wodent wheel, and it means you have more height under the wheel for substrate. I found them a pain standing on the floor of the cage - they don't spin as well as when hanging, and they move around, plus they are low to the ground so you hardly have any substrate at that end. Whereas you get a good couple of inches of substrate under the wheel when it's hanging from the top, it's stable and spins well that way.

You slot the stand through the top of the cage - far enough away from the back so it doesn't rub the base (maybe 4 or 5 bars from the back). Then attach the wheel inside the cage (easier to do when the cage top is off). I sued 3 cable ties on top in strategic places, to secure the stand. More than that and it made the stand a bit skewiff - 3 cable ties was just right and very sturdy.
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