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Old 11-06-2014, 10:32 AM   #51
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

When rainbow kept escaping i just left her cage open and she returned on her own.
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Old 11-18-2014, 01:47 PM   #52
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

Maybe the vacuum thing would work if you put a stocking/tights/pantyhose (whatever they're called!) over the end and then put a tube over the end. It wouldn't suck them up. Would scare them though so would only do it as a last resort like if they're stuck somewhere.
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Old 08-02-2015, 06:37 AM   #53
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

vaccum sounds pretty dangerous
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Old 10-13-2015, 03:15 PM   #54
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

I am wondering if you all figured out exactly how your hamsters escaped? I would like to prevent this happening with my new young Russian Dwarf, so I would love to know! Thank you!
I already thought that he escaped from his DIY bin the other day, I never had a lid on it for my previous sweet girl, Laydee, but this little guy is young and fast. After the first night, I thought he was gone and I dug through the bin, no ham. Searched my apt, no ham. Revisited the bin and he was there, in the corner, screaming in fear. I think I was more traumatized than him even! ANYWAY, now that the bin has a screen on top, I am wondering if he can escape the attached Critter Trail cages. Don't know how he would, but checking!
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Old 01-03-2016, 02:27 PM   #55
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

This was the first post I ever saw on HC. I was looking for a soulution for when Hobart escaped and this was the method that I caught him with! Great post even though the next day he escaped again!!
Proudly owned by a Robo dwarf hamster named Henri, a dog named Charlie Bear, a cat named Eloise, and a LOT of fish!!
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Old 02-19-2016, 05:38 PM   #56
Mollie and Sassy
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Lightbulb Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

This is a great idea and tried it but didn't work. I have lost and found sassy (my hammy) 6 times. She is very smart and she knows when to come out, what not to go in as she has been out so many times and knows most of our tricks, but there is one thing that she always falls for. If she hasn't had enough water. We have a humane rat trap and have used it a couple times and it does work if you put a water bottle where the lever is.

You can buy one on, it is called big cheese humane rat trap (or something like that). Very useful tool, and worth the money as you get your furry little friend back. I also have found a method that without fail works, If you get a phone, a camera or anything with a lot of storage left on it, set it up on the main area of your home and leave all the doors open, Place some food where the camera has been set up (so you have the food in the view of the camera screen) and record over night but make sure its a smelly food like cucumber or cheese but i like to put a bit of broccoli down as sassy loves it.

Make sure you have view of most of your doors so you know which room she/he goes in last and then narrow it down to the room he/she has gone in, last step is a bucket trap or as I like to use. The Humane Rat Trap. If this doesnt work, I would stay up all night with facetime or skype going through the house on 2 devices with a torch so i can leave it dark, once spotted the escapee, i will calmy go down to where he/she is, bringing the facetime or skype with me so i can watch where she has run off too, and i will use my playpen to stop her getting out of where she is. Then that is when I know I have her back. This is a lot to go through but i dont know what i would do without my little sassy.
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Old 02-22-2016, 05:30 AM   #57
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

Originally Posted by furrynavel View Post
In the past I have also used a humane mouse trap and I had to extend it slighly using a plalstic tube as my hammie was a tad 'sturdy' and could snatch the treat while keeping the door open with their bum before making a quick getaway.
When my baby Robos escaped they resisted the bucket trap and food based attempts but were finally caught using a humane mouse trap into which I had poured some of their Mum's bathing sand!
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