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Old 06-12-2011, 11:17 AM   #41
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

apparently he was about to pull the trigger and realised it wasnt a rat in out bathroom cabinet! i think he got a bit over excited....

another escape this lunchtime, someone (....) had forgot to close the pod, and charlie spent a minimum hour running round the kitchen without anyone noticing! i reckon he ran his 8 miles, and picked up a few crumbs on the way!
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Old 01-01-2012, 05:15 PM   #42
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

I remember using this bin trick about 7 years ago, I had a syrian hamster called Milkshake who lived in the hall downstairs, because her wheel was too noisy for me to sleep. She'd chewed a massive hole in the side of her cage which we kept patching up with old cds and things.

Every night she would get out, run up the stairs and come in my room. There must have been a hole in my floor because I could always hear her under my bed but never see her.

She always fell for the bin trick though, and I'd be sat waiting with a torch to go and put her back.
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Old 03-30-2012, 07:50 AM   #43
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

One of my robos escaped a few weeks ago and I was in tears because I literally turned my room upside down to look for him. My room is upstairs and I left my room slightly open on the day cause it was getting quite warm. They were in the play pen connected to their cage when my bf put a hanging treat in it so I believe that's how he got out (smart little bugger).

I asked my housemates if they've heard any scratching or random movements around their rooms. As my room was upstairs I didn't think he would be downstairs but apparently my house mate got woken up by some scratching in the kitchen. I went down stairs and saw this little thing running around! I tried to chase him but he went straight to the gap under the cupboards.

We tried putting treats outside the gap but Alfie is a shy scaredy cat so my bf had to rip a part of our cupboard just to get him out. Took over an hour before we managed to get him back!
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Old 08-23-2012, 05:08 AM   #44
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

Vacuum is quite bad idea.. But the creativity is good
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Old 02-19-2013, 06:53 PM   #45
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

Our little hamster has escaped his cage several different times, and thankfully he has been pretty easy to recapture. We dont have a big condo, and we don't have a lot of places he likes to go. He always seems to find his way from my stepson's room to our bedroom and if i have a piece of clothes on the floor like my sweatshirt, I normally find him snuggled in it. I often will hold our little guy and have him sleeping in my pocket with one of my hands underhim for support so he feels safe and secure it in; so if he gets loose we normally find him looking for someplace safe and secure feeling.
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Old 04-03-2013, 01:31 PM   #46
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

With my hamster that ran away I sat in my room at night thinking he would have escaped to thins room, then I heard my mum scream in the hallway as she nearly stepped on him! xxx
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Old 07-23-2013, 12:19 AM   #47
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

Keep the door to the room where you keep your hamster closed at all times so you then at least know which room they are in if they escape. Like cats they love cardboard boxes so a small box with a ramp and a bit of food inside. They can get inside but can't get out but they will eventually gnaw their way out.
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Old 08-10-2013, 03:00 AM   #48
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

My boyfriend got pickle out when I was at work and she escaped out of the ball because he wasn't watching. I'm so upset, I've left her cage on the floor with the door open and food trailing up and left traps with bits of ripe banana on. I so scared she's fallen somewhere and broken her leg or crawled outside or into the neighbours where they might squish her
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Old 10-18-2013, 08:24 PM   #49
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

I got my first hamster (Syrian) yesterday. Long story short, I'm keeping him in the basement and he got out over night. Most of my basement is finished, but some isn't, and there are unreachable areas all behind the walls. Basically, a mouse/hamster's dream world.

I went to check on him at 7am when I woke up, and he was gone. Naturally, I panicked. Tore apart the finished and unfinished basement ares (deduced that he forced himself through a door to the unfinished basement area that wasn't fully closed because of wires), but couldn't find him. Started Googling, and found a method that said place sheets of tinfoil with mounds of their food in different rooms then turn all your lights off and wait (depending on time.) The method was more complicated (flour to track them, bucket traps, etc.) Since it was still early and he was still likely active, I quickly did this, turned all the lights off and waited.

Within 5-10 minutes I heard the crinkle of tinfoil in the furthest part of the basement from his cage (also unfinished), and my flashlight app revealed the little guy wolfing down his chow. Scooped him up in a solo cup, he didn't even try to run.

Basically, this method was incredibly effective for me. Highly recommend for basements and probably anywhere in the house!
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Old 11-06-2014, 06:29 AM   #50
Purdy Bear
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Default Re: How to recapture an escaped hamster

I wonder if dog biscuits would work, as the field mouse in our house loves to nick them from my dogs bowl (it's Wagg dog food). I have a humane rat trap and some mice traps to get the little rodent so I can rehouse him in a local field full of Blackberry bushes. I will keep the other tricks in mind for said rodent, which I don't mind keeping in a suitable habitat just not under my cabinet.

Here's a You Tube video of a Hammie Rescue:

The duster method - You Tube vide:

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