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Unhappy Mites

hi! I recently bought my hamster a new type of sawdust (it was a lot more expensive than the old type, which i took to mean it was of better quality) ever since then i have had a problem with what i think are mites. they are small small white bugs that crawl all over the cage, the bookshelf the cage is on and all my books. i have never seen them before and i have lived here for 10 years. is it possible they came from the sawdust? the company says they didnt when i phoned up to complain, but i dont know where else they could have come from. i havent changed anything else in my room other than the sawdust.
HELP i cannot kill these mites i have used pet safe insectacide, flea spray (with hamster out of the room), disinfectant wipes, spray, all kinds of things. i had to throw out so many of my hamster's toys i just got his bar biting under control too
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Default Re: Mites

Hi Rothko. It does sound as though the shavings have caused this. What you need to do is get the cleaned cage and your hamster into another room and hoover, spray and fumigate as much as you can to eradicate whatever these beasties are. Try and identify them too if you can. Trap a few and look online (Google)?

Your say `Sawdust` rather than wood shavings? Did you buy the sawdust from a local wood mill or untreated? They could be lice or some sort of bug that lives in wood. Sorry I can`t be more help. x
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bugs, mites, sawdust, scream

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