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Old 07-06-2015, 03:51 AM   #1
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Default New Cage - opinions?

Fun Area Leon Small Pet Home | Great Deals at zooplus

What do you guys think? For a Syrian Hamster
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Default Re: New Cage - opinions?

It's not a bad cage really but not ideal the floor space on each level isn't that big, I think it's better to have one large floor space with a nice deep base for substrate & maybe a couple of shelves or partial levels for a bit of extra space.
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Default Re: New Cage - opinions?

I love that cage and really wanted one, but it's not quite big enough for a Syrian. I think it would be great for a dwarf hamster. It has lots of levels but the base is really quite small, especially as it slopes in, and it's the base with substrate that is the most important bit really. It's very annoying as if it was just a bit bigger it would be such a great cage. It also has very small bar spacing - less than 7mm, so good for mice and dwarf hamsters.

The RSPCA recommended minimum continuous floor space is about 80cm x 50cm and this is only 67cm long maximum. I have sometimes thought that if this cage was set up so that only the house was on the base in the substrate, and everything else was on the shelves, it might give enough substrate area, but also you need to think ahead to when a hamster is getting old and can't climb levels - they need the substrate floorspace to roam on, dig in and make hoards in.

If you have a look at the Zooplus website there is a good choice of cages suitable for Syrians there. Unfortunately, owning a Syrian does mean owning a big cage! But it's surprising where you can fit one in. The 100cm Alexander cage for example would sit on top of a chest of drawers.

The Barney is a good buy (100cm) and the Alaska is probably the minimum recommended size for a Syrian on there. The Alexander is an excellent cage and about the same price as the one you were looking at - it also has good wooden levels in it, if you like that, but also has a deep tray and plenty of space for substrate and digging - it also comes with houses which is a bonus. The long house along the bottom is good because you could fill the base up to the top with substrate and put a tube or tunnel to the house entrance, so it's like a subterranean house. Also the lid lifts off the house for spot cleaning and checking the hamster's hoard.

Check those cages out on here - the reviews are helpful too.

Hamster Cages | great selection at zooplus
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Old 07-07-2015, 12:55 AM   #4
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Default Re: New Cage - opinions?

I actually prefer Perspex cages for hamsters as it prevents potential bar chewing. If you don`t yet have your Syrian, I would take some time to look at the Perspex cages like the Zoozone 2 or better still, the Ferplast Maxi. I personally feel these cages are better long term. x
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