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Old 02-10-2024, 06:36 AM   #1
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Unhappy Mousse and Her Eyes

Hi everyone!

My current syrian hamster, Mousse (1.5~2yrs) is currently going through what i think is glaucoma. Her eyes have white dots in them, and occasionally become enlarged. Right now her left eye is looking a little bit swollen, and is cloudy again.

I plan on making a vet appointment after this coming wednesday— I’m on disability and only get paid once a month.
I mostly just wanted to know what assisting a senior ham with glaucoma will entail?

Her bin is kept clean, she has access to fresh water and has a large bucket wheel she still sprints on. She’s a fairly rambunctious little lady, and her energy levels haven’t quite decreased yet. She gets critical care nightly to supplement just in case she has any sort of arthritis or anything in her jaw, and she goes absolutely nuts for it
She still eats her regular food mix (Higgins Vita Garden Hamster & Gerbil), and some treats here and there. She’s a very food motivated little one, and will snatch her favourite treats out of your fingers faster than you can say cheese

In the past, she went to the vet for blood in her urine/discharge. The vet said that it could either be a UTI or a tumour/cancer, so she put Mousse on antibiotics and pain medication. It came back a month after, so we started her on another course of antibiotics. Eventually, we figured out that she needed to be on long term pain medication too (just the normal metacam.)
She did pass what seems to be a kidney stone of some type last week— It was a squishy white thing that came from her genitals, and once that’d come out there was no more bleeding thus far.
We did have her on another round of antibiotics as i noticed the pinkish urine/discharge coming from her genitals a day or so prior to that, though.

Like I mentioned earlier, I do plan on taking her in for a check up just in case there’s anything more serious going on that she’d be able to get treatment for— I know my options are limited though due to her age

Any tips on helping a senior ham with potential glaucoma?
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Old 02-10-2024, 11:52 AM   #2
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Default Re: Mousse and Her Eyes

Treatment and care will obviously be up to the vets. It may just be an infection, which would require antibiotics. If it is glaucoma, there isn't a fix, other than surgery to remove the eyes, but your vet may prescribe eye drops.

If she does go blind, there shouldn't be any need for changes to her cage or routine; in fact, keeping everything the same will be more important. Hamsters 'see' primarily with their nose and whiskers, so the loss of what little sight they have wont affect her quality of life.
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antibiotics, glaucoma, mousse, senior, vet

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