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Old 09-02-2023, 09:05 AM   #1
Sara H
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Default Circling

I am wondering if anyone has or has had a circling hamster and what their experience has been please.

I have been rescuing hamsters over the years but I have never come across a hamster with this condition.

My friend went into PAH this week and couldn't believe they had her in the adoption section. She is a female dwarf, 5 months old and came in from the breeder they use. Once she started to show this condition they said they monitored her and the vet concluded she had a neurological condition but was fit to be rehomed. She will have been in one of their tiny box enclosures all her life with no room to run. My friend was so upset seeing her she called me in tears.

She doesn't stargaze but will turn very quickly in circles. Her coat is really healthy, her eyes brights, no lump or bumps and she can stop to eat and drink. She hasn't used her wheel which I can understand but instead will run around the enclosure very, very quickly and have periods of circling.

She is in a maxi dune with deep paper bedding, nothing high for hep to fall off.

I was going to let he settle in for awhile and monitor her before I take her to my exotic vets for a check up.
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Old 09-05-2023, 01:03 AM   #2
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Default Re: Circling

It depends how badly she is affected and what her quality of life is like. Some are so badly affected they can't sleep. PAH hamsters come from rodent mills where there won't have been particular control over the breeding lines.
I think I've read they need more open space and activities that distract from the spinning. Have you seen her sleep for periods of time? Monitor weight and keep in a quiet calm environment. I hope she settles well and the circling isn't too bad.
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Old 09-11-2023, 02:04 AM   #3
Sara H
Hamster Pup
Join Date: Dec 2018
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Default Re: Circling

Thank so much for your reply Souffle and apologies for the delay in responding, I haven't been too well.

She does sleep OK and eat and drinks OK. I have put her enclosure in my bedroom which is the quietest room in the house. I did try her in the play pen at the weekend and she kept herself busy going in and out of things with not much spinning.

Now she has been with me for a week, I am going to take her to my vets for a check up.

She is so beautiful I just want to make sure she has the best life she can.
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