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Old 06-23-2022, 04:00 AM   #1
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Default possible stroke?

My hamster Icicle is about 2 years old. She's just been to the vet last week for a possible abscess or tumor near her cheek. She's been prescribed meloxidyl for the pain and swelling and an antibiotic called enrofloxacin.

She was totally ok last night, and 2 hours later, I woke her up to take her medicine, and she ate it like normal, but then she came downstairs 30 seconds later and started limping and lying on the ground. Then she went back up and went back to sleep, still acting weird. It was all so sudden and I don't know what happened to her and no vets near me are open for hours.

I'm so worried, I've never seen her act that way before and I don't know what I should do, if anything right now. I don't know if she'll be ok and I don't want to wake her up if she's in any pain.

and if she did have a stroke, I don't know how to help her or what I should do
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Old 06-23-2022, 04:13 AM   #2
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Default Re: possible stroke?

I am sorry to hear Icicle is poorly. It looks like the forum is very quiet today. I hope somebody replies soon.
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Old 06-23-2022, 05:38 AM   #3
Ria P
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Default Re: possible stroke?

I'm sorry to hear that Icicle is unwell. I really don't know if she had a stroke or not.

Going upstairs and downstairs may not be a good idea for an unwell, 2 year old hamster. I level my older hamsters cages out by reducing the height of shelves, ramps etc. Some have moved into bungalow set ups where everything is on one level. Especially food, water and sleeping areas need to be easily accessible.

Icicle is on antibiotics and pain relief already so i would just let her sleep. Make sure that her food and water is within easy reach. If she's been to the vet last week and has been on the medication since it wouldn't be an adverse reaction to the medication. When is her follow up appointment? I'd phone the vet and explain what has happened to bring the appointment forward.

If Icicle becomes distressed, finds it hard to breathe or appears to be in pain for example, then you'd need to make an emergency appointment.

Sadly, at 2 years old you have to prepare yourself that she may not recover and be nearing the end of her life.

I sincerely hope that Icicle will make a recovery and i totally understand how worried you must be.
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Old 06-23-2022, 05:46 AM   #4
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Default Re: possible stroke?

Hello. I can't quite imagine the "downstairs" bit?! Is that in her cage or out of the cage?

The weather is very warm right now and they can do quite a bit of laying down when they feel the heat. They don't cope too well with heat. Our Syrian did a laying down thing in the playpen last night. So it might be coincidental. But do check the dosage for the antibiotic. What dosage is she on?

They are tiny tiny amounts. and there is a bit difference between 0.1ml and 0.01ml. You should have a 1 ml syringe for the baytril that shows the tenth markings within each 0.1ml marking.

Some people actually put bags of frozen peas on top of the cage to cool things off. Or you can put a couple of mugs in the fridge and keep swapping them over (so she has somewhere cool and ceramic to retreat to). Does she have anything ceramic in the cage? They often go and sit there when they're too warm. And may even abandon the nest temporarily to try and cool off.

I just have a couple of ceramic things in the cage, which are fairly cool naturally. Also have the windows open a bit so the room doesn't get too stuffy (but make sure they're not directly in a draft as well). Or a fan in the room even.
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Old 06-23-2022, 06:10 AM   #5
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Default Re: possible stroke?

Thank you all for your advice. 5 hours later, I saw her awake in her bed area. I don’t think she got much sleep as she was shifting around a lot.

(Also, the cage she’s always chosen to sleep in has a tunnel up to her nest area.)

I offered her a little bit of blended carrots on a spoon (one of her favorite treats I give her on occasion) and she happily accepted it. I talked to her calmly while she ate and then she dug around through her bedding a bit and then went back to trying to sleep. The vet said they’ll call me back later today when the hamster doctor is available.
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Old 06-23-2022, 06:25 AM   #6
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Default Re: possible stroke?

Do you have a photo of her cage set up? If she's 2 you could do to remove levels and ramps and keep everything at floor level or she could fall. If there's enough floor level to add more enrichment there.

If she has had a stroke there isn't much you can do. They can recover a bit after a few days and carry on. If you're speaking to the vet, double check the dosage and the markings on the syringe.

When our hamsters get to that age I do that. Their back legs can become weak and they don't climb as well and can fall. I tend to put any favourite toys they had on shelves, at floor level and add a couple of new tunnels etc at floor level so it's still interesting, but remove the levels and ramps. I sometimes fix the shelves right up at the top, butting up to the roof inside - because that way they still get the overhead cover from the shelf as if sitting under it, so they don't feel too exposed. I think stairs in the cage are maybe a bit risky at age 2.

They really appreciate it too as they can often move around quite fast on the level but just not do climbing etc.
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