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Default How do I use thyme drops?

As some of you may have seen my hamster is recovering from a skin abscess. It has now popped and it healing / scabbing. The area is pretty red like human skin after a scraped knee. I have read that I can disinfect it by using salt and warm water and using a little bit of neosporin is helping. Other than this what can I use? I have been recommended thyme drops and I will order them on Amazon prime but how do I use them? Do I apply them directly in the scabbed area or put a few drops in his water? Or give it to him orally with a syringe.
(We cannot take him to the vet, household has covid and no other family nearby)
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Default Re: How do I use thyme drops?

Hello. Saline helps heal wounds. Thyme is more a disinfectant/antiseptic (which it sounds like you already have with the disinfectant). So I wouldn’t bother with the thyme. If you were going to, it would be better to just buy the loose dried herb online and make a solution which won’t be as concentrated as drops (could be too strong). You would just put a teaspoonful in a jug or teapot and add boiling water, then let it cook and strain it. It can be kept in the fridge for a few days and used when needed.

But I would just use saline for now. Salt water actually heals wounds and eczema really very well- quite amazing to see (as an ex nurse, salt used to be added to baths on surgical wards).

To make up the saline you add a teaspoonful of salts to a pint of boiling water and let it cook. I use a corner of a soft cloth (like a microfibre cloths) to gently dab the area with the saline. Not to wet, just damp. Daily should be fine.
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