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Old 06-29-2021, 02:00 AM   #1
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Default Trying to work out what is wrong with Sylvie...

Our two year old Syrian has been on meds for an ear infection recently after a vet visit following the onset of a head tilt. At the appointment, the vet couldn't see anything in her ear and informed us that it was quite possibly something else but to treat her for this just in case.

Skip forward two weeks and the meds haven't helped - Sylvie is barely mobile now and her tilt has worsened. We have adapted her cage to her needs as she stumbles and falls constantly, even on flat ground. It's horrible seeing her like this but she is still walking on her wheel in short bursts, chewing, grooming and eating, and so still appears to be at least semi happy in her condition.

At first we thought it was a stroke, not an ear infection, but everything I'm reading says if they survive a stroke they should improve eventually or at least stay the same, not deteriorate. As it is her ability to walk has gotten progressively worse at a fairly rapid pace.

We keep thinking she's going to pass but then she just keeps soldiering on. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? We're unsure of whether another vet visit would be worth it as she's going through enough as it is right now and he implied that anything more severe would be untreatable. Our thoughts are mainly turning to making the end of her life comfortable, but we just wish we had answers.
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Default Re: Trying to work out what is wrong with Sylvie...

One of my past hamsters did have a stroke and his condition changed over the course of a few days. Sometimes he seemed to get better and half an hour later he couldn't even walk.

Strokes or anything concerning the brain is hard to diagnose correctly in small animals. The important thing is that your hamster is not suffering unnecessarily. If she does not recover or you think that she is barely hanging on and pushing through, you may need to think about relieving her of the pain and visting your vet.

You know your hamster best and can decide what ist the right course of action. Especially since she is already two years old and a senior hamster.

I hope she pulls through and wish you all the best!
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