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Old 06-14-2021, 01:11 PM   #1
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Default Hamster had a seizure

As the title says, I think my hamster had a seizure. She is a Roborovski, less than a year old, and until today has always appeared alert and healthy.

She was out and about exploring her cage when she sat down in the gap between her wheel and the edge of the cage and began to shake. She had her back to me so at first I thought she was sniffing at something, but then she stretched her head up and kept going until she keeled over onto her back. Her whole body was shaking and her mouth was open and trembling, it looked almost like her teeth were chattering. She then rolled onto her side, where I could see that her eyes looked glazed over and her tongue was poking out.

The entire thing only lasted about a minute. After that she sat back up, sat in place shaking for a few seconds, then went right back to wandering around her cage like nothing happened. She seemed to recover from the whole thing almost immediately, and has been fine since.

She is back to normal for now, but Iím worried that this is a sign of something more serious. Does anyone know could have caused it, or have any advice for what I should do? Thanks in advance!
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Default Re: Hamster had a seizure

Hello and welcome to HC!

I'm sorry to hear that your hamster has had a seizure.

I'm not a vet so wouldn't want to speculate on what would have caused it but the reasons are probably similar to humans.

The only advice i can give you is to contact a vet who knows about small animals or an exotics vet.
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