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Old 04-03-2021, 03:12 PM   #1
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Default Hyperactive aggressive behaviour

Hello, long time didn't post here.

I wanna consult with you guys about my hamster's behaviour. I've had hamsters before so she's not my first and I'm pretty good with identifying when my hamster has a problem, but I never experienced this sort of behaviour.
Aloy's my russian dwarf most likely a hybrid. Ever since I got her, she had a bit of a hunch right behind her shoulder bones, but it never seemed to bother her and I'm still not sure if it's something unusual in the first place. She's over a year old now and recently she has had these fits where she's completely hyperactive, running all day in her wheel/disc (honestly I don't know if she's even sleeping) and becomes really bitey for a couple of days. Like if she sees any of us she immediately runs to us, jumps at us trying to "grab" us with her hands and if I do put my hand in her cage she starts biting, but like really biting like she wants to hurt me on purpose. The "hanging off my finger, biting as hard as she can and when she finally lets go, she uses her paws to hold on to my finger and pull her mouth up to bite my finger again" type of biting and draws blood. She isn't scared or anything nor do my hands smell of food. After few days she calms down and I can hold her with no problems 'til she starts doing that again. Oh yeah forgot to mention she stumbles all over the place when trying to reach my hand. She's not even looking where she's going, but her sight is okay. She's definitely not blind, just her priority is to reach me instead of looking where she's going and falling flat on her face.
She never bit the first year and usually her bites were playful where she'd just sort of grab my finger rather than bite it and pull on it.

I don't know if her sudden aggressive behaviour is linked to that hunch or if she does it cause she's in pain. I'm trying to find a vet who actually knows a thing or two about hamsters, but it's impossible to find one where I am (usualy I'm the one who knows more than them and they most of the time just agree with my diagnosis without even giving a proper look when I bring my hamster over). The place where the hunch is had always been hard and I was always able to feel her ribs a bit more then in any of my previous hamsters. She's been like that since birth so it's not something that suddenly developed, but I do believe the lump got bigger.
I didn't change anything in her cage nor has it been recently cleaned.

She's been at it since yesterday and I haven't seen her sleep at all cause she's constantly running in her wheel and around the cage.

Any thoughts? I'd really appreciate it.

EDIT: I just noticed there's a Behaviour thread. I'm so sorry for not posting there instead.
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Ria P
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Default Re: Hyperactive aggressive behaviour

It must be very difficult when you don't have a vet available who knows about hamsters so there is no good in me advising to get her checked out by a vet.

I wonder if she's in pain and the pain comes and goes.
You could ask a vet to prescribe a painkiller for a week to see if that would make any difference. You'd probably have to double check on the dosage to be on the safe side depending on which strength they use for hamsters.
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Default Re: Hyperactive aggressive behaviour

After I filled her bowl yesterday she kept busy with transferring food to her nest and finally fell asleep and she's back to being her normal self again today. No excessive running, no aggression and she's been sleeping during the day unlike the previous two days.
That was my idea as well - to get her on some painkillers, but I really don't know what to do considering she's back to being her old self... 'til it strikes again that is.
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