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Old 01-08-2021, 07:36 AM   #1
Linda 123
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Default Female Syrian has abscess - can I do anything?

Hi, my 2 year old Syrian Storm went to the vets on 30th December because she had lost weight, down from her usual 230g to 215g.
We use Anton Vets, they are very kind, and they kept her in overnight and put her under because she had a lump that they had noticed on her groin, and her bottom teeth were a little long.
Luckily the lump was not a tumour but an abscess, and the teeth were trimmed.
Ever since then she has been, and still is, on 0.7ml of Metacam one a day, and 0.11ml of Sulfatrim once a day. Not her favourite time of day, as you can imagine.
I took her back for a check-up on 6th January, the vet said that the abscess seemed to have gone, but she seemed to have a bit of urine staining in the area, probably caused by the abscess pressing on her bladder, so she is now also having half a capsule of Nutracys sprinkled over her food. Her weight is now 218g.
This lunchtime I have just given her the meds, and I looked at her groin and I am certain that the abscess is back. To be truthful I never actually saw it before so I don't know what I'm looking for, but there is a smooth swelling that I am sure is more pronounced today than I remember it being.
I have called the vets and she is going back on Monday.
Unfortunately I am going to worry myself sick about her over the weekend, so... is there anything I can do, apart from carrying on with the meds and cuddles? Do abscesses tend to come back like this, as a rule, or is she just unlucky? If you can think of anything I can do to help her, please let me know.
Thanks for looking, and fingers crossed that she will be sorted out on Monday.
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Old 01-08-2021, 12:59 PM   #2
Ria P
House of Hamsters
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Default Re: Female Syrian has abscess - can I do anything?

I was in a similar situation last October when my 22 months old hamster took ill, lost weight and was put on medication by the vet. Given his age, i prepared myself to the fact that he may not recover and spent as much time with him as possible. I cherished every minute i had with him, talked to him, gently stroked him and stopped worrying about him, at least while i was with him because i wanted him to feel my love and not my worry.

Your hamster may be fine for quite a while yet and i sincerely hope that she will be but remember that you are doing everything you can for her and can't do anymore.
Try not to worry too much this weekend and enjoy her company as much as she enjoys yours.

I'm sorry not to be able to answer your questions but i don't know whether your hamster has an abcess or not or what the outcome is likely to be.
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Old 01-08-2021, 01:43 PM   #3
Linda 123
Newborn Pup
Join Date: Apr 2020
Location: Hampshire England
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Default Re: Female Syrian has abscess - can I do anything?

Thank you for your kind words x
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abscess, back, day, teeth, vets

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