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Old 09-27-2017, 02:06 PM   #1
snow pony
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Exclamation Hamster stress

I have three hamsters in my room, and today I got a dog, a little maltese papillon yorkie mix. She sniffed the hamster cages a few times but apart from that hasn't bothered with them, but one of my hamsters has frozen up and seems stressed about a dog being around (although we have put a blanket over his cage and he seems a bit better). Will he get used to my dog, or do I need to move him to another room permanently, or is there anything else I could do to ease his stress?
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Default Re: Hamster stress

Just keep the dog away permanently.Predators and prey should never be allowed in the same room,as doing so not only introduces unnecessary stress(which can lead to a compromised immune system for both and therefore the likelihood of illness goes up)but is an accident waiting to happen.

It's far more fair to your dog as well to keep them separate.Feed a good diet(no corn/wheat/derivatives or relatives of those,no unspecified biproducts such as digest/derivatives/meat and bone meal/biproduct meal/etc,nothing irradiated,nothing from China,nothing with artificial dyes or flavors,no maltodextrin/dextrose/sorbitol/fructose/similar processed sugars and artificial sweeteners,no sulfur dioxide or propylene glycol,no rawhide "treats" which are one of the worst products sold for dogs which are completely indigestible and always chemically processed regardless of manufacturer claims),give lots of excersize,give appropriate toys,and of course lots of love for the little lady!

Dog Food Advisor has some good information for canine nutrition,but I'd also recommend some of the wonderful information from Mercola Healthy pets(lots of great information there and not only on nutrition).The biggest tips other than good diet I can give for any dog owner would be don't vaccinate yearly or even every three years(vaccinations last a minimum of 7 years in the immune system,and overvaccinating of any species leads to future health problems)and as long as you can be responsible and not allow your dog to breed if it has not already been done do not get your dog spayed(a lot of places advise for this unnecessary procedure,but now there's more information showing the harmful effects removing all those hormone producing organs and such has including adrenal problems,joint problems,urinary incontinence,an increased cancer risk in otherwise unlikely cancers while only decreasing the likelihood of some cancers that are already not extremely likely,and much more especially when done before the dog is allowed to properly grow).
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Default Re: Hamster stress

I think it's always best to keep any other animals like dogs out of the hamster room all the time, even the smell of a predatory animal can be very stressful for a hamster.
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dog, stress, hamster

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