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Default Gurgling stomach

I noticed my new hamsters stomach occasionally makes multiple growling noises for some unknown reason. This happens at random, not when she is having food or anything like that. The noise sounds exactly like the noise our stomachs make if we're very hungry or have not long eaten. She is fed on a mixture of Wagg, Burgess Dwarf Hamster Harvest and Burgess Hamster Harvest (Syrian version). I don't give her any treats, fruits or vegetables. She is completely fine in general terms. Normal poops, no weight loss and is in no pain. I believe she is coming up to either nine or ten weeks so I haven't really had her for that long.
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Old 03-29-2016, 08:22 AM   #2
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Default Re: Gurgling stomach

My new hamster, Gus, does exactly the same thing! At first I thought that he was ill, but he seems healthy. He's eating, drinking, popping etc. and he's very active. He doesn't seem to be in any pain. I've only really noticed it when he's in his nest but it's so loud! I actually doubted that it was coming from him at first, I've never heard a hamster make that noise before. It really does sound like a 'I'm so hungry' stomach gurgle
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