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Post Taming? Hiccups? Overeating?

I have syrian hamster. His name is jimine. He is nearly 5 months old. I have few questions and i hope someone can help me with these. Ii first bought him when he is 2 months old.

1. Yet till now he still doesnt tame. Ive tried putting my hand inside the cage but he still doesnt respond to me. He did respond by climbing up my hand only during the midnight. But he climbed up just because he want to get out from the cage. Not because he respond to me. He doesnt stay still on my palm which is he run all the way up to my shoulders.

2. Am i overfeed him? I feed him 3 times a day; morning when i woke up, after i got back from class which evening and night before i got back to sleep. Everytime i refill the food he will quickly go to his food bowl and swallowed everything up. He kept them in his pouches. If hes sleeping and i refill his food bowl he would wake up and go fill his pouches with food and go back to sleep.

3. He hiccups. I noticed this last 5 days. Ive searched the way to cure him is by massage his below stomach. But how do i do that if hes still doesnt respond to afraid is it dangerous for him to hiccups?

4. He literally had a number 8 body shape. Big stomach and small head. Is this normal? Or should i take him to the vet? is it because he overeating or disease?
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Default Re: Taming? Hiccups? Overeating?

Taming takes time, don't expect a young ham to sit still on your hand or anywhere else for long, it doesn't mean they're not tame but that they are full of energy & mostly just want to run around & explore!
Do you have a play pen, bath tub or other safe escape proof place you can put your ham to interact with him?

You only need to feed once a day, some people feed less frequently than that, if you want to interact with your ham you can offer a little extra treat or some food on your hand but he really only needs about a tablespoon of food each day.
They don't often over eat they normally just stash extra food away in their hoard.

Is your ham drinking, peeing & pooing normally?
If his abdomen is bloated then he could be constipated or there could be something else going on with him, the hiccuping for that long is a bit strange, I know they do do it sometimes but it does sound as though he may have a bit of a problem.
If you're unsure it's always best to get a vet to check them out.
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