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Old 09-01-2008, 09:35 PM   #1
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Default Mommy hamster escaped T^T

I have a white hamster and she just gave birth to 5 little one 2 weeks ago.
However, this morning, when I checked the cage, I found that she had disappeared.

Now I don't know how, or what to feed the little hamsters. They're still young and need their mommy.. and I'm not sure how to take care of them when their mommy is not there.

I tried to feed them with milk, but they didn't seem to like the type of milk I gave them. But when I tried with cheese, they ate a lot of it. They do look for the hamster food I give them and try to eat, but I'm afraid they're too young, or not fully developed for that.

One more thing, I don't know if they can drink water or not (because I've never seen them drunk any from the bottle). I can move the bottle down a bit so the little hammies can reach for it, but still I don't see they drink any at all.

I hope you people can give me some advice about this. I really worry about the baby hamsters.
Thanks a lot
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Old 09-02-2008, 12:31 AM   #2
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Default Re: Mommy hamster escaped T^T

This is a really delicate time for baby hamsters and the are unlikely to make it without their mother Minsey. Your biggest effort needs to be to get her back. She is likely to want to get back to her pups so you need to put them where she can get back to them and then stay and watch for her. As soon as she comes out trap her and put her back with them.
In the meantime the pups need 3 things, warmth, food and fluid and stimulated to eliminate waste. Get a warm, body temp hot water bottle (NOT HOT) and put in underneath the cage floor where the nest is. Use a syringe if necessary to give the pups cooled, boiled water and also if you can get it a kitten or puppy milk substitute like lactol. At a push use goats milk or the little cartons of kitten milk from the pet store. Your vet may have some in stock for baby kittens and puppies. Offer this in a syring or a low bottle. They should be able to lap at a bottle just about now. make sure every pup is fed and after feeding take a moist cotton ball and gently rub near the urinary opening and botty, like a mummy hamster licking. This should stimulate them to wee and poop. Clean it away. This part is REALLY important or else they will not wee. they are almost at an age where they will wee alone so it may only be for a few days but do it till you see them go potty.
Feeding needs to be good. Offer finely chopped veg once a day like red and green peppers, carrot tops, tiny bits of cucumber,etc but not too much and no citrus or onion types.
Also give them normal hammy food. You should give small seeds that they can manage like budgie seeds, chopped nuts from the supermarket baking section, porridge oats, millet and linseeds. sunflower seed hearts might help.
Once a day give them in a low dish a baby hamster porridge made from something like Ready brek cereal, wheatgerm and lactol kitten milk. Use a Pringles lid and watch they dont fall in as they will chill. You can also give a baby food like chicken and pasta or baby rice pudding. Ours like the tiny spagetti hoops with sausage. You can gice chopped cooked chicken, tofu and scrambled egg too. If any pups dont eat it offer it on a spoon.
Be aware that this is a full time job and very hard to do. The pups need frequent attention night and day. If a pup dies it mat be eaten by the others but this is natures way so do not worry. If you see one has died remove it.
I hope mum comes home sweetie and I wish you all the luck in the world but don't be hard on yourself if you lose some or all the pups as it is so difficult to raise such young babies. you can only try your best. Your pups are on the fine dividing line at the moment between weaning and independance. Keep us posted on how they do.
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