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Old 01-15-2012, 11:09 AM   #1
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Red face Pyometra Information

Heya! Most of you probably know about Honeydo's pyometra problem. Instead of me just repeating myself here is the whole story: Yellow discharge! Help :(

A few members thought it would be helpful if i wrote a thread on my experiences so here it is! So this thread is about general info about pyometra, cures, signs etc. Its taken me a long time to do this so i hope its helpful! xD I have a few pictures too

General Information
Pyometra is a infection which only happens in female syrian hamsters at any age. It can happen in female dwarfs but its rare.Its a infection which is only curable by having the womb removed in your hamster (spay). Its either closed pyo or open pyo. Open pyometra is where you can see any signs on the body e.g puss around the womb area. Closed pyo is where you cant see signs like discharge but can see a few signs such as a pregnancy looking belly or waist. If this infection is not noticed at an early age then it can be fatal since the infection gets into the blood stream which will eventually poison the hamster.

Signs of pyometra
Here are a few signs (some with pictures) of pyometra in hamsters.
~ Pregnant looking belly and waist

~ Yellow discharge around the womb area
~ Firm belly
~ Sometimes poo around the womb area (pyo causes bowel problems too!)
~ Strong fishy smell
~ Drinking more

Please be aware of when your hamster is in heat a few drops of discharge is normal! Females go into heat every 4 days and they also smell for around this time.

TIP- Easy way to test if your hamster has pyo is to LIGHTLY squeeze the hamsters tummy and if alot of discharge with a very strong smell comes out its likely your hamster has pyo. I wouldnt test when your hamster is on heat as it will be hard to tell since your hamster with most likely have discharge anyway.

Cures of pyometra
The only cure for this infection is to have your hamster spayed (womb removed). Vets will most likely try and get you to give your hamster medication to see if it clears it, the answer will always be it will never cure your hamster! Honeydo was subscribed 1 drop of baytril every day for one week and it did nothing at all. My advice would to ask the vet to do the op as soon as possible.

Operation (spay)
Honeydo eventually had an operation to remove her womb last Thursday and this is always the best way to handle this infection. The operation itself is complicated since hamsters are small animals but most of the time its successful. The operation could cost anything from 40 ish. It lasts around 1 hour. The risk with this operation is that hamsters lose heat very quickly so its important that they stay warm when they get home. Spaying will completly cure the hamster! They take out the womb then stitch your hamster back up with some dissolving stitches. These will dissolve after about 3 weeks.

Picture of what it looks like after the operation:

Other options
The vets told me the only other option was to keep her on baytril for the rest of her life. The problem with this is that the medication did not work last time and it would cost 19 a month! Never say yes to this option, its quicker, cheaper and much easier to go with the op straight away! And obviously dont leave your hamster in pain and not do anything about it!!!!

After the operation and preparing
Preparing is the main key to keeping strong! Have everything ready for your hamster when she gets back!
~ Have her cage ready with no toys, wheels or anything like that! Just an open nest, water bottle/bowl and food bowl!
Its also better to have a plastic cage since they wont be tempted to bar chew or climb when they get back!
Also big clumpy bedding i found is much better than using shavings or megazorb. My main worry was that little pieces would stick to her fur where she had had the op. I used carefresh and it works perfectly!
~ Have her food and water and nest all close together since she wont be able to walk very well when she gets home.
~ Or have a hospital bin made (60x40?) so she wont have far to travel or other cages such as the mini duna with the shelf taken out will be fine.
~ Do not disturb your hamster for around 3 days! She will be stressed out and will probably be very untame for this amount of time! So dont take her out the cage for exersice and handling.
~ Have a travel cage made up just incase you have to get her to the vet quickly, fill a suitable carrier with safe bedding and loads of tissue roll for warmth.
~ Keeping your hamster warm is the thing you have to always make sure is right! Have a few hot water bottles ready and around the OUTSIDE of the cage to keep your hamster warm. And put her in a warm room obviously
~ Give your hamster some baby food or fat free unflavoured yogurt for them, its a soft treat which they will enjoy.

This is Honeydo's set up for now:

My advice
TAKE YOUR HAMSTER TO THE VETS ASAP IF SHE HAS SIGNS OF THIS! Dont hesitate at all! This is a very serious infection and the sooner the better for your hamster! Never say no to the operation! Honeydo is already back to herself after 3 days and has lost her preggy belly XD! Having the vets opinion is the best option even if its one of the signs!

I think i have covered everything, if i have forgotten something i will add it somewhere in the comments

I hope this has been helpful and here is a happy and healed picture of Honeydo XD

Sleep well Nibbles, Honeydo, Cookie, Crumble & Maisie

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Default Re: Pyometra Information

Thanks for this thread Nat, as this will help alot of people. her tummy lookes sore.

Bella my dear sunshine. RIP darling 8/10/09 ~ 12/2/12 ♥
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Old 01-15-2012, 11:17 AM   #3
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Default Re: Pyometra Information

This is really helpful - thanks.
And Honeydo has such a smiley face lol!
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Old 01-15-2012, 11:31 AM   #4
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Default Re: Pyometra Information

Thanks for posting this and sharing, Its good to have this first hand experience.. Honeydo looks gorgeous as usual
Miss you Bo, Jangles, Poppet, Peanut and My Picklepants. I miss you little dudes
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Old 01-15-2012, 01:37 PM   #5
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Default Re: Pyometra Information

Great write up, Nat!! Honeydo's looking bright and beautiful.
~ Maxwell ~ Hamilton ~ Tofu ~
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Old 01-15-2012, 01:39 PM   #6
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Default Re: Pyometra Information

Thank you! It took me about an hour to do haha, it kept deleting after i finished

Sleep well Nibbles, Honeydo, Cookie, Crumble & Maisie
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Old 01-15-2012, 01:59 PM   #7
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Default Re: Pyometra Information

That is fabulous CoolcatNatNat44
A really useful information source.
Only small comment I would make is that dwarf hamsters can also get a Pyometra as can all mammals though I think it is either less common in dwarfs or less often recognised. I imagine an op on a dwarf would be even more tricky.
I am so glad to see how well Honeydo is doing and hope she will soon be completely healed.
Thank you so much and I will sticky the thread

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Default Re: Pyometra Information

No problem, glad it helped XD Thanks x

Sleep well Nibbles, Honeydo, Cookie, Crumble & Maisie
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Default Re: Pyometra Information

Yeah, its definetly useful. Also reassuring seeing the photo of Honeydo after it.
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Default Re: Pyometra Information

Great Information CoolcatNatNat44 Glad to see its stickied.
I have 2 females and its nice to know the signs.

On another note.. Honeydo looks like she has a big grin
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