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Default How to bond with hammy after vet stress

My hamster Cow is on her way to recovering from wet tail in June. She’s only 2 and a half months old

She seems happy, her ears are standing up, she plays and does hamster things and eats and drinks all on her own now. I’m so happy for her, but I think the vet visits left her really nervous long term.

She’s a sweetheart, she lets me hold her and pet her and takes food from me and doesn’t bite at all, but I think part of her still associates me with her gross medicines and force feedings from before. She doesn’t run from me but she also doesn’t walk towards me when she hears my voice like my last hamsters did.

She freezes up completely when she hears me open the door when I get home or when I turn the light on. I can talk to her and pet her but it still takes her several minutes to start moving again. But other times, she climbs right up and lets me hold her when I open the roof and lets me hang out around her while she plays. I think she’s more afraid of unknown noises than me

I really want to make her feel loved and safe and happy with me. Does anyone have any bonding suggestions other than feeding her from my hand and talking to her/handling her?
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Default Re: How to bond with hammy after vet stress


She has probably long forgotten about the vets now and im glad to hear she healed well.

Is the room she is in usually quiet? If so then she is probably just spooked by the suden noises. Remember hamsters are prey animals so will react like this.

Over time she will get more used to the every day noises. Just keep handling her and talking and she'll soon relax but it doesn't sound like she is acting anything out of the norm. Remember every hamster is different so try to not compare too much
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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doesn’t, happy, pet, she’s, takes

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