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Old 05-11-2023, 09:15 AM   #1
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Default Help! Loose Hamster! Pitbull at Home!

I went to refill my hamster's food and water this morning. She looks to have pushed her wheel up against the side of the bin cage, crawled on top, and chewed her way through the lid. I have a huge house and a pitbull and I'm freaking out. Any tricks on how to find her? I'm panicking.
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Old 05-17-2023, 11:20 AM   #2
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Default Re: Help! Loose Hamster! Pitbull at Home!

First thing - check your closets and if you have shoes in your closets check inside all of them. You would not believe how many times I have found an escaped hamster in a shoe.

Put out some food and water on the floor somewhere so that the hamster has access to food and water. If you can check one room really well and see no traces of a hamster it would probably be best to isolate your pitbull.

One thing you could do is put little piles of food in different rooms and when you see one is taken search that room extra good.

Most of all don't give up - we found a hamster after 7 days lost (it was in my hiking boot in the closet). Also, once you've found your hamster try to figure out exactly how they got free - they are amazing escape artists. When our hamsters have gotten loose we put them back in their cage and watch them for a bit and they will usually try to get loose again so you can see how they did it and stop it from happening in the future.
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