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Default Re: 28cm Trixie Wheel

If you get the wooden one, I would get the Karlie one linked - then you won't have quality issues. It costs a little bit more. If you can afford it, the Getzoo one Amethyst has is very good. But I found the Karlie one to be fine. Plus a pot of plastikote For longevity though the Getzoo one will go on and on and the bearings could break on the Karlie one (then it tips forwards). I've only had that happen once though - most of them go on for a long time. But many people use the wood ones (and I agree the quality on the Trixie ones can be hit and miss and need a return or exchange which can be a hassle).

Can I ask if you have a barred cage or a tank? Because there is another wheel cheaper than the Getzoo one which actually screws to the Bars securely and you can have it at whatever height you want. The silent runner wheel - it's a brilliant wheel - silent and spins really well. It does have holes like the plastic trixie one but they are very large holes and I've never known a hamster not love those wheels. I guess there is a risk though that your hammy might chew at the plastic on that too if they did it on the Trixie wheel (although some hamsters chew the wood ones as well!).

Another tip - get some sandpaper. I had never sanded anything in my life until I had a hamster - so many wood items have the odd rough edge or splintery bit. And it takes seconds to just rub it with a bit of sandpaper. I get the 120 and 240 grit. The 240 is very fine and leaves a lovely smooth edge!

Silent Runner 12″ Wheel – Sugar Glider Shop

It has a very safe sturdy stand if using the stand. the bar attachment is extra.

Cage Attachment for Silent Runner – Sugar Glider Shop
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