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Old 01-02-2022, 02:52 PM   #61
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Default Re: Help me get rescued syrians in better cages! Need advice!

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
Ooh they are both adorable. Ollivander looks cheeky. Midnight looks like butter wouldn’t melt - looks happy!

My only worry seeing the photo of midnight is - they can leap off when you hold them like that while standing (had it myself). Always best to hold them low down or when sitting on a sofa eg.

For protein supplements you can use nuts or just fresh food. I used to give half a Brazil nut once a week and hand a walnut once a week. They seem to love shelled walnuts. The occasional peanuts in shells as well - they like cracking those open. Easy to keep longer term too. By fresh food I mean leftovers - a bit of plain cooked chicken or beef eg. Actually forget that, just read you’re vegetarian!

I am not sure how much protein you need to supplement with that mix but nuts and mealworms as supplements might do it. Alternatively you could mix two hamster mixes.

I used to mix Harry Hamster 50/50 with Bunny dream hamster food (a European mix). The HH has the correct protein so less supplementing needed. Once they’re a year old they need less protein so 12 to 14% is ok then. In the first year you want to aim for 18 to 20%.

However I think being as hoc about it (is giving protein foods as supplements) is fine and they will only eat what they need. As long as they’re healthy and in good condition then it’s going fine.

I give - hamster mix in a bowl. A tiny piece of fresh veg on a separate little dish somewhere else in the cage. An “extra” each day - either on the floor of the cage or in the house roof. The extra could be a nut, a few pumpkin seeds, a mini chew stick (ours love the tiny friends yippees), occasionally a tiny piece of cheddar cheese, or a raisin or blueberry. They probably eat better than me!

I am so glad you got them out of that awful tiny cage! The tiny wheel made me feel sick!
Thank you for the tip, I certainly do not want any falling or jumping hamsters!

I had no clue what the butter would not melt saying meant, but I looked it up and figured it out. Lol. I would say you are correct, he looks super calm and super sweet, but he tries to get into all sorts of mischief when he is out. He ran around in the bathtub at 3am yesterday as he climbed on my hand when I was saying hi to him before bed (I fell asleep on the couch), and then he was awake at 11am today and wanted out. So, I took him out again of course, this time I sat in the bath tub with him so he had fun climbing all over me.

I think he has already learned to crawl on my hand when he wants out, and I'll take him out.

(Tub was completely dry, towel was down to make it non-slippery, had boxes out to hide in if he wanted)

Thank you for the tips about protein and overall feeding in general! I think they both are finally eating the freeze dried chicken, which is nice to know. I like your method of feeding and giving variety. I am not surprised you feel that your hamsters eat better than you, I feel that mine are going to as well!

They already have tried spinach and apple (in tiny amounts, following a safe food chart guideline) and they LOVE it. Along with hemp seeds (again, tiny amount, following chart guidelines)

If it makes you feel any better, I never saw them run on the wheel once, nor do I think their previous owner ever heard them or saw them running on it. Probably because it was way too small and hurt their backs if they tried though.

Makes me so sick thinking about it all too.

In happier news, I am going to go to Michael's and get wood, safe glue, etc. to build them platforms like Victoria Raechel did on her channel. That way I can do the layered platforms like you suggested, but not have to spend as much. I also will get extra dowels to glue to their hideboxes so they won't collapse on them ever.
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Default Re: Help me get rescued syrians in better cages! Need advice!

They love all fresh food . And most human food. And will try snd take it out of your mouth if you’re eating something. A lot isn’t safe though- eg anything in sauce or with salt or spices - veg, oats etc are fine.

Another way of making platforms is IKEA Knuff magazine racks. If you put IKEA Knuff hamster shelf into Google and click on images, you’ll see what I mean.
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