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Old 11-30-2021, 09:34 PM   #1
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Default Essential Oil Use

I've been wanting to use essential oils in my apartment for a while, just at a low concentration in a diffuser. There are articles out there saying which essential oils to avoid, but I can't really fine anything specifying what would be safe. Does anyone have experience with this or any suggestions?
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Default Re: Essential Oil Use

As far as i'm aware it's best to avoid air fresheners of any sort in the room the hamster is kept in.

No reason why you couldn't use essential oils in other rooms though.
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Default Re: Essential Oil Use

I think safe essential oils in another room would probably be fine, but it can be very difficult to say what is definitely safe and what isn't. Regardless it all has to be diluted extremely well even for human safety - these things are insanely strong and incredibly concentrated!

I didn't use essential oils when I had a hamster, however I have had a little experience with essential oils being used in a couple ways with rats in the house. I know there seems to be this crazy myth going around of how peppermint essential oil repels rats but I can say at the proper dilutions you'd be using it within another room that is absolutely false - both from experience and what others have said elsewhere online.

One thing to keep in mind with essential oil safety other than proper dilution and using safe plant species only within a room that hamsters(or other similarly sensitive pets) don't have access to is where you get them. Not all sources are created equal, and grocery stores for example aren't necessarily going to have high quality safe essential oils. They can have impurities, added toxins, and other things to generally make their safety go down significantly.

I think there have also been DIY air freshening ideas from the parrot community that could potentially be safe for use in an apartment with hamsters if the ingredients are safe - it's generally boiling ingredients to release the smells into the air, and this would be much less risky than essential oils.
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