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Old 07-27-2021, 05:34 PM   #1
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Smile Update on Oreo

So, I'm making this thread so it's a forum to keep everyone updated on Oreo every so often.

Oreo seems to have warmed up a little honestly! It was pretty surprising as it happened so fast.

3 days ago I noticed he was popping his head out whenever I walked into my bedroom as well as when he was out he'd just stop for a few seconds, take a look at you and continue on with whatever he was doing.

Before, he wouldn't even come out, didn't see him for a whole 2 weeks. And if he did see you, the quickest glimpse and he'd dart back into his burrow he made.

As of yesterday, he actually only started using his hide. He seems like a hamster that much prefers making burrows out in the open space under the surface instead of under or within things. And glad to say that I finally think I found the food he was on before because his food bowl is now emptying after I swapped him over. But, he's still a bit confused with shelled peanuts phaha. He took it finally yesterday (after it being in there a week) but still hasn't broken into it. Not sure how to get him to understand he can break into it to find a little surprise.

Of course, no sudden movements nor a high voice but when I was speaking to him he didn't really seem to stop whatever he was doing until it was time to unpack his cheeks and darted for his hide and didn't come back out. Assumed it was time for his sleep!

Another achievement - As he was slightly burrowed but hiding under his recycled egg paper container, I took the chance and pushed a bit further rather quickly. Not at all recommended after he had been in hiding for 2 weeks (and very easily a set-back!) but I lifted the lid slightly and reached in my hand with one of those healthy bites nutrient treats. He reached his little head out a bit and sniffed from my hand, I backed off a bit as like a message of "I'm not here to hurt you" and settled the treat down quite close to him and he pulled it in and started nibbling it whilst he was poking out of the substrate.

I always knew it was difficult to tame dwarfs, but didn't realise what I was in for due to no experience with the species whatsoever.

We're still in the stage of very tiny baby steps, and any wrong sudden move will definitely set us back by a lot. But for now, all seems good. And hopefully, not too good to be true!

A tad worried about his wee, I tried cleaning him out like 5-6 days ago and couldn't find anything. Cleaned a spot anyway that smelt a bit smellier than usual but not sure if I got anything really. So that's still a mystery. But I don't want to have to reach back in after 6 days to clean him out, even though I'm tempted because again I'm worried if I missed a lot of it last time. But want to try and take it very slow and minimise the amount of taking him out as I possibly can so we don't have any setbacks. - I suppose it's been a very long time since I've had to deal with brown/dark substrate. Usually white and yellow wee stains are quite easy to see!
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Old 08-03-2021, 10:10 AM   #2
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Default Re: Update on Oreo

Interesting. Good luck.
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back, bit, finally, oreo, started

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