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Default Re: Scattering food

Yeh I also have a food bowl for Loki, but he definitely prefers to eat his scattered food. It is true though, it does sometimes get a bit messy as although he loves his Bunny Dream, he is not such a fan of the herby bits! At least I know now that I don't have to worry too much about the dry bits that have fallen through the substrate.
Thanks quys!
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Default Re: Scattering food

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
I have never fully done scatter feeding. I found if I scattered the normal amount that quite a few bits get left and the substrate ended up getting covered in food a lot. That is for Syrians though. So Iíve done the thing with still putting food in the bowl and just scattering a little bit extra. Pickle doesnít leave things that are scattered so that works ok and some depends on the mix. Something like Harry hamster has large bits which probably wonít get left and are easy to pick out later. But the Rodipet and Bunny dream mixes have lots of tiny bits and herbs and it can end up quite messy when they are left regularly!

So I do a bit of both. Yes veg can be wet abd make the substrate soggy or disappear and dot so I always put that on a surface. Either a separate little dish or in a Sputnik or on a tile or teracotta thing in the cage. Originally I used to put the veg in a Sputnik to tempt our hamster to start using the Sputnik!!
Great advice, Serendipity; thanks. That all makes sense. And fortunately the food I was using is Hazel Hamster, which I guess is the U.S. version of Harry Hamster, and it sounds like it should work out well with the bigger pieces.

Interesting how the hamsters like to "work" for their food, but I'm sure it's closer to their natural behaviors and also gives them something interesting to do.
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