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Old 03-15-2021, 12:18 PM   #1
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Default Lost hamster


We have a 4 month old female syrian hamster. She's very tame but has never been that adventurous, any time she has managed to get out of her cage she has pretty much run up to us to be put back in. However, 3 nights ago the lid of her ball came off in the bathroom and she must of ran through a hole next to the toilet. Unfortunately this is a rented apartment in a 2 story converted office block so we are unable to do cut any major holes in the walls. We have followed the gap in the wall and think it leads to under the sink, where we have found a whole in the plasterboards to the insulation layer (I dont know much about building etc). This hole is big enough for her to escape through. We realised she was missing pretty much immediately as we heard her ball stop moving, and since then we havent heard anything- no scratching or anything. We have put up signs around our building asking people to call if they hear or see anything. We have also left peanut butter, hamster food and a variety of smelly human food by the gap in the bathroom and also the gap by the sink. We even made a 'rope' out of cloth that was covered in peanut butter and put that into the insulation area so she can climb back through if thats the problem. We have left water down and treats leading up to her cage which weve pushed really close. Because we didnt actually see her run into the hole we have checked everywhere else in the flat for any signs of her, but nothing so far. Its a newly renovated building so apart from going into that hole there is nowhere else she could be.

Does anyone have any new suggestions for us please? She's so lovely and we are missing her lots. Its also so unlike her to escape from her ball and decide to explore a dark and dusty area and then just not come back. Is there anything else we should be doing?
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Ria P
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Default Re: Lost hamster

I'm sorry to hear about your missing hamster. You could try some cheese attached to a wire and feed it down the holes to see if she's still alive. If she is, she may follow the scent and make her way out.

If you ever decide to get another hamster, please do not use a hamster ball and invest in a playpen. Hamster balls are dangerous and very scary for hamsters. No wonder they try to get out.
A cage needs to be secure to prevent a hamster from escaping, falling and getting lost. No matter how tame they are, hamsters will follow their instincts to explore and forage for food.

I sincerely hope that your hamster will find her way back.
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