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Old 12-09-2014, 11:44 PM   #1
Newborn Pup
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Location: england
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Exclamation syrians vs dwarfs

Hello guys! So I have a question which I really want answering.

Which are better? Syrians.or.dwarfs

Now being a Syrian owner I prefer Syrians as I've never had a dwarf so as well as commenting your fave species all put down there a reason why. Why are they your fave species.
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Old 12-10-2014, 02:46 AM   #2
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Default Re: syrians vs dwarfs

I own both and I'm definitely a dwarf person although Sora is changing my opinions on Syrians, I absolutely love dwarfs, they're so small and cute and they're like little balls of cotton wool with tiny furry feet! Plus they all have really funny personalities however what I love about Sora (not sure if this is the same with all Syrians), is the fact that when she sees or hears me she'll watch me then when I go over she'll run up and get all excited. I prefer holding and carrying dwarf hamsters too since they're small and you can safely cup them in your hands, Sora is a little bit of a jumper and a wriggler so it's harder to carry her around with her size I do love all my hamsters though and I love how they're all so different to each other
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Old 12-10-2014, 02:53 AM   #3
Dwarf whisperer
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Default Re: syrians vs dwarfs

That's a totally unanswerable question if ever there was one lol!
Each species has it's own characteristics but each individual hamster is different too, all my hams have had very different characters & habits, 4 hybrids & a Chinese, so I really don't think you can generalise.

I have to agree, being a total dwarf addict, with everything RubyRose said about them, they are so cute & tiny, holding one in the palm of your hand is a real joy, watching the way they roll around in their sand is quite special too! They are really funny, friendly little guys.
My Chinese is so agile she's just amazing to watch & keeps me constantly busy trying to come up with new things for her to climb on, hide & burrow in or just generally play with!
Very different to the hybrids but equally adorable.

I've never had a Syrian so I really can't comment on them at all!
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Old 12-10-2014, 02:58 AM   #4
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Default Re: syrians vs dwarfs

Hi there!

I also own both species of hamster; a Syrian and a winter white. Puff, my winter white, has always been naturally very calm and very friendly, where as my Syrian, Boo, is taking a little while longer to tame but is becoming calm and sweet. I adore them both and I definitely could not pick between the two! They are both totally different! Puff weighs 21 grams and is tiny, whereas Boo is quite large, though I've got no idea of her weight. Boo also seems to have more of a characterful look about her, unlike Puff, who is just very beautiful.

It's really hard to say which type is 'better' because I don't think either of them are. All hamsters have different personalities, so you can't label a certain hamster species as being the calm ones or the friendly ones. Through my personal experience, however, and this probably differs from person to person, I've found that Syrians are easier to keep clean in the sense that they are easily litter trained, whereas Puff just will not use the litter tray at all. They smell very different, so it's really hard to say if there's one that smells worse. They both don't really have strong odors.

Why is it that you want to know which are the 'best' species? Are you thinking of getting another hamster?
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Old 12-10-2014, 04:50 AM   #5
Thin Lizzy
Hamster Warrior
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Default Re: syrians vs dwarfs

I've always had syrians but I love dwarf hamsters also!
After Christmas I'd like to adopt a dwarf, for sure they'll be unwanted hamsters being returned or abandoned and I'd been thinking about getting a dwarf for ages and have been reading up on them!

I agree with Pygmypuff about hamsters having different personalities, each syrian I've had (had 5 over 15 years) has always been unique, that's what I love about them!
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Old 12-11-2014, 03:21 AM   #6
Newborn Pup
Join Date: Dec 2014
Location: england
Posts: 17
Default Re: syrians vs dwarfs

I'm not thinking of getting a new hammy I'm just seeing who likes which 1 most
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dwarf, hammy, hamster, species, syrian

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